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The only thing that Ju Da Hae wants in her life is to be successful. And she really doesn't care if it makes people around her cry, suffer from broken hearts or die. The only man who knows about her true nature is Ha Ryu, who lost everything because of this woman: his heart and his only family -- daughter. And now he wants his revenge.

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sachi 22 Jun, 2012
Su Ae <3 I'm waiting for this one <3
palepaleta 21 Jul, 2012
It looks interesting!
dandushi 22 Oct, 2012
I cant wait this drama
thefreak 04 Dec, 2012
alleinr 10 Dec, 2012
poster shooting
malice 12 Dec, 2012
the storyline sounds great,I'm expecting something interesting from The Chaser staff and i can't wait to see Soo Ae again!
crossing my fingers for this drama to be successful and for Yunho to show some improvement on his acting
naath 18 Dec, 2012
OMG! My Yunnieee!! Finally! Can't wait for this!
cutedevil 27 Dec, 2012
I saw the preview at the end of King of Dramas..
and it looks promising!!