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Illegal immigrants are smuggled into Korea but with them they carry a very dangerous flu and hell breaks loose when they try to contain the infected victims.

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nightrainboww 08 Nov, 2012
Yay, new movie from Jang Hyeok :D
metaly 16 Feb, 2013
zomg dat director!
and Su Ae!
lostinthemist 17 Jun, 2013
Sounds promising after watching the trailer. It has a similar atmosphere to "Deranged" which I enjoyed a lot. Maybe it has even a darker tone. Will look forward to it!
089110 19 Jun, 2013
I just watched the trailer and it looks awesome.
yokochan 15 Jul, 2013
SU AE <3
minjung 19 Nov, 2013
Well that was pretty ridiculous tbh but well done.
The main actors (including that little girl) were totally flawless :)
089110 22 Nov, 2013
Remarkable acting from all the actors/actresses!
I personally would have like the story to be a bit more realistic, but then the unrealistic aspects don't take away from the thrilling feeling. Soo Ae, Jang Hyuk, and the little actress, Park Min Ha's acting skills truly made this movie a great film. ^^
ofelya 01 Dec, 2013
we saw many american movies just like the flu. this movie is a cliche. but when we compared it to other korean movies it is really good and original. this kind of story is new in korean movies.