soshite chichi ni naru

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What if one day you get a phone call that turns your life upside down? That's exactly what happens to the hardworking Ryouta and his wife Midori when they find out that their son was switched at birth and they've been raising a stranger's kid for six years. On top of that, the hospital officials want them to decide if they want to change their not-by-blood related son to their real son, and preferably before the boys start school in April.

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misekeith 26 Oct, 2013
So good. Really Koreeda - I already loved your family movies, but this was simply superb.
leylachan 30 Dec, 2013
myades 08 Jan, 2014
I just saw this movie yesterday, and is fantastic Koreeda Hirokazu has made a wonderful job with this movie, the direction, the actors (specially Fukuyama Masaharu and the kids ) feature very well theirs characters, also de music is gorgeous it really transport you between the two "worlds" between both families.

If you have the chance to see it in theaters don't miss it.
infidence 18 Apr, 2014
Just saw this in the cinema, pretty good movie but it was kinda slow phased.
aqu135 20 Jun, 2014
It was too long, but i loved everyone's acting except fukuyama
pyapi 02 Jul, 2014
One could say the premise is predictable; I already knew the ending just a few minutes in. The way the movie develops, though, is wonderful. The acting, the setting, the atmosphere - it's all wonderful! The movie is great. A little slow, but it develops everything so nicely. I personally loved it!
iluvlynx 13 Sep, 2017
The lighting and shooting was wonderful. The acting was also amazing. Predictable premise, as @pyapi said below, and I also recall it being a little slow. But the chemistry and the portrayal of the families was just so realistic, I didn't drop it.