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The corporation can become your second home, or the cage from which there is no exit...
Jang Geu Rae, a young boy whose life was completely defined by the game of "go", has to discover this when fate seems to turn against him: forced by his life situation, he lands in a so called corporation, which turns out to be a hotbed of intrigue, antagonism and selfishness.

Things are not better due to the fact that Jang Geu Rae is completely maladjusted to life and quite a naive man. But it turns out that even in such a corrupt environment, you can find many warm and caring people, who step by step try to get used to the young intern and the reality that surrounds him.

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stellybish 04 Aug, 2014
Siwan + the Monstar Production team *-*
paulixx27 14 Aug, 2014
Gang Ha Neul, wae... wae supporting? :(
When he'll finally get a main role in drama, I mean not a second guy :(
sullilea 17 Aug, 2014
Sora jjang! I cant wait this drama.. I love her so much :*
cinderella2442 19 Oct, 2014
The first 2 eps were really enjoyable! :D
zera 22 Oct, 2014
Good start
dramahloic 25 Oct, 2014
this drama hurts,because it is too real! T_T
I feel like I'm watching my life being played in front of me
khaiz 01 Nov, 2014
Episode 5 just watched!! This is soooo goood people T_T
aries 05 Nov, 2014
Haven't watched a show this good in ages. I wish it'd never end