shingeki no kyojin: end of the world

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watashiwachiaki 04 Oct, 2015
suggestion: watch it till the end of the credits. thanks!
Random chan 23 Oct, 2015
What is Kusanagi doing here... X_X...
majorzero 06 Nov, 2015
That's the worst film of the year. Higuchi is more concerned with CG blood than interesting story, coherent editing and technically passable cinematography (dutch angles be damned).
Random chan 01 Dec, 2015
@majorzero oh noes, you don't like german/dutch angles?! I think they're pretty cool (depending, of course, on the way they're used). Why don't you like them? :P
majorzero 03 Dec, 2015
@Random chan They should be used in appropriate situations or at least with style, if your DoP is talentless hack it'll look clunky as hell, even if your cinematographer is Emmanuel Lubezki or someone of the same caliber don't overuse it. It plagues genre films on the same level shaky cam and quick cuts do.
Random chan 03 Dec, 2015
@majorzero well what do you expect from titans LA second go if first go was so bad ;D. Was script also as wonderful as first part?
majorzero 03 Dec, 2015
@Random chan Actually, the second one is much dumber. There's no chance to find logic behind character motivations and captain Shikishima (or whatever Levi is called here) is the worst offender. Just watch scene between Eren and Shikishima and you'll see how "brilliant" screenplay is.
calm 29 Dec, 2016
wow. such quality. the first one wasn't this bad but this is just unwatchable. and wtf is wrong with Mikasa, she has like 2 lines.