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Kim Hye Jin, who used to be beautiful when she was younger, now doesn't look as good any more and on top of that works at a bar. Her childhood friend, Ji Seong Jun, who always was the ugly ducking, on the contrary, grew up to be a beautiful man. The two meet and don't recognise each other at first, but soon their childhood bonds prove to be stronger than anything.

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zaharisa 09 Aug, 2015
The mains had great chemistry in Kill me, Heal me.. :) some of the supporting actors are my bias. :)
yokochan 14 Aug, 2015
iam really looking forward to see this drama *-*
the story alone seems totally interesting =)
& then there are this cast ~~~ hwang jeong eum [she deserves an oscar for her acting xD] + si won ;D
okaaay most of you know him from super junior as an singer, but i learned to know him from k-dramas =p
and later from suju =D . . . ok Park Seo Jun *Q* i know him too from dramas and park yu hwan also.
. . . okay i hope this drama will be a good one ! <3
stellybish 22 Aug, 2015
OMG!!! O Ri On, now is your time!! haha
Can't wait to see this!
sillysym 31 Aug, 2015
jessicarose 03 Sep, 2015
Why him? Argh
mokyulpwns 03 Sep, 2015
PSJ is bae and he was really great in A witch's romance
aquariia 03 Sep, 2015
LOL. I'm team 'Why her?'. :D
zaharisa 03 Sep, 2015
Hah. I like them both. I know she is not a great actress, but even so I like her for some unknown reason. And honestly- they had great chemistry in Kill me Heal me. Some people commented- he had to be the main in there- he is the main here with her, so that somehow undoes the previous injustice :P