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nimwoo 05 Sep, 2016
I don't know if this is going to be worth watching but I'm going to give it a try just for Ha Neul ♥
sweetsuga ~ 2 weeks
@ninwoo there's a good screenwriter involved.
alex3 ~ 1 week
damn, that cast <3
kirtil ~ 1 week
The cast kinda makes me want to see and the plot (and trailer) is interesting, but I really have very low expectations for this. Probably won't even watch it unless I hear some amazing things about it.

@sweetsuga @nimwoo ;
My reasoning lies solely on the screenwriter Han Jeong Hun. I can't really talk about his vampire prosecutor series other than most people I follow here liked them, but his later 2 dramas were not good in mystery/crime department. In both dramas cause of all of the mysteries and the reason no one found things out were incompetent people and poor investigative work; nothing more intricate or well thought out than that.. More often than not; the stories were so weak the scriptwriter had to make people dumb so the series could continue.
They were fun to watch tho; I'll give you that.
nimwoo ~ 1 week
@kirtil I watched the first trailer yesterday and I think it looks promising. Although I initially expected it for Ha Neul (who is not part of the cast after all), I think Jo Kyung Ho is an amazing actor so maybe he can carry the drama if the plot isn't interesting enough. I won't have high expectations, though. I just hope it's enjoyable.