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khaleidazya 08 Nov, 2016
First ep was already so intense :O
deema 10 Nov, 2016
First ep
that storage room scene my heart melted ,i felt like they were already dating !

i like this drama so far
aioi 10 Nov, 2016
Nice start!
alex3 14 Nov, 2016
1st ep was a positive surprise for me, though 20 eps ... idk seems kinda long, i hope they will manage to keep it interesting for so long
aries 15 Nov, 2016
first episode had similar scenes as Dots and Doctors but I stil found myself ejoying this more than both of those dramas.

and unexpectedly more than just a peck being an SBS drama
nimwoo 06 Dec, 2016
I don't know why no one is leaving comments about how amazing this drama is because it IS amazing. I admit the first episode seems weird and like the drama will be full of clich├ęs but I have to assure you that it is nothing like that! The plot is very unique in many ways, the cast is amazing, there's chemistry between all the leads, there aren't awkward actors or actresses, and until ep 9, it still has managed to excite me every single minute. The drama is so far one of the best medical dramas I've watched. It's totally recommended!
powerpuff 12 Dec, 2016
@nimwoo So does it get better after the 1st episode? Because I just watched the 1st one and didn't like the emergency scenes, too it worth to keep watching?
nimwoo 13 Dec, 2016
@powerpuff Yes! It totally is! I admit the first episode is kinda weird and cringey, but the rest of the drama is nothing like that! It's completely different from what they tried to show in the first ep. I don't really know why did they decide to do such start because they rest is great! It's totally worth watching.