manhole: isanghan naraui feel

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draconia 20 Jul, 2017 - the first teaser
aquariia 21 Jul, 2017
I hadn't planned on watching this drama at all but this teaser looks hilarious. I'm going to check out the reviews later and if it's funny I might actually watch it.
powerpuff 09 Aug, 2017
I had no intention of watching this but the poster looks so good..?? I....might.
misekeith 16 Aug, 2017
So... isn't this is a(n even wackier) spawn of "Operation Proposal"? Without a single hint of acknowledgement of its paternity/obvious similarities, btw?
The first episode was decent, tbh; but I'm starting to realize that I'm getting too old to find guys that use the excuse of their 'eternal love' to claim the female protagonist as a possession funny in any way. :/
leviathan 17 Aug, 2017
wtf is that Beatles inspired poster? looks ridiculous.

and the title is... more more ridiculous.
leylachan 22 Aug, 2017
1st episode: the guy is waaaaayyyyy too restless. It's annoying
sweetache 09 Sep, 2017
haters gonna hate ^^
empatia 12 Sep, 2017
Suuuper funny so far + Jae Jung a.k.a. Eye Candy. Love it. ^^