neodo inganini?

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missiealice 04 Jun, 2018
E aí, vamo fecha?
seoltang 06 Jun, 2018
Não dá pra dizer se vai ser bom, mas a história me deixou curiosa.
vanityfull 22 Jun, 2018
This is going to be heartbreaking T_T
deema ~ 3 weeks
better than i expected !
first ep was too boring but after that things got better and more fun to watch
cant wait to see how it will end

uver ~ 1 week
Hopefully ratings in Korea recover once the world cup has ended. A very enjoyable show with enough quality to retain interest, despite making some compromises to be "trendy".
aayan ~ 6 days
This is sooooooooo goood. I love it. ♥