zhi wo men dan chun de xiao mei hao

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Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen grew up together, and in high school Xiao Xi confessed her love to Jiang Chen, only to be rejected. A few years after graduation, the two meet again.

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purtysunshine 15 Mar, 2018
I am a total sucker for stories like this. On the surface, it seems almost like a re-make of the "It Started with a Kiss"/"Playful Kiss"-vers but it is actually different in many ways and holds it's own. The production quality is great (it is SO pretty) and the story is so innocent and sweet. I do think the writing was a little unrealistic and immature at times but overall I really enjoyed this drama. I just love how Jiang Chen was really wrapped around Xiaoxi's finger from the get-go. They are the sweetest.
shineegirl ~ 5 days
The story is definitely lame for grown ups but I guess high schoolers would enjoy this. I didn't like the acting either except Woo Bo Song, the only character that actually made any sense in this film except Lu Yang.