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Sakuragi was a delinquent outcast, has been rejected by girls fifty times. He finds out that Haruko and is happy when she's not scared of him like all the other girls he has asked out. He for win the Haruko's heart he joining the school basketball team. The problem is that Sakuragi has never played basketball before and Rukawa Kaede a freshman who has bigs skills in basketball is stealing the spotlight and Haruko's affection from him. Sakuragi try to compete with him in spite of their low level, and this rivalry will serve as an incentive to progressively improve. Over time, Sakuragi begins to truly appreciate basketball, perhaps the only activity that stands apart from the fights and even still want to impress Haruko at all costs this will be his only motivation.

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solina 20 Mar, 2017
One of the Best! Total Masterpiece <3
suhartanto 26 Feb, 2018
That's right @solina ganbatte never betrai us