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kekkon dekinai otoko TV
water boys 2 TV
tony takitani film
kikujirou no natsu film
katen no shiro film
basilisk: kouga ninpouchou animation
chobits animation
goshuushousama ninomiyakun animation
kino no tabi: the beautiful world animation
mushishi animation
tengen toppa gurren lagann animation
Abe Hiroshi person
Odagiri Joe person
Issei Ogata person
Nakai Kazuya person
Beat Takeshi person
Akimoto Yasushi person
Ginko character
Motosuwa Hideki character
Shirase Akira character
Yattarou character
Nohara Shinnosuke character
Kageyama Tobio character


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justironic ~ 1 week
okuda tamio ni naritai boy to deau otoko subete kuruwaseru girl
duration, date, poster

boku no ojisan (

choukousoku! sankin koutai: returns (

eiga youkai watch: soratobu kujira to double sekai no daibouken da nyan!

higanjima: deluxe (
duration / genre, poster
faderullan ~ 2 weeks
milisia 24 Apr, 2015
Just random...THANK YOU for all help, that you give me :D
irresi 12 Apr, 2015
Super, dzięki wielkie :)
redwitch 21 Jan, 2015
Ok ;) thak you^^
cfaust 15 Sep, 2014
Hehe, I guess you should do it, I don't want to be the one to blame if there's another mistake xD

Good luck once more :D I'm glad that I have time right now, so I can watch animations. Somehow I don't accomplish anything though x.x I probably will add more indie animes toworrow, so stay tuned lol
Random chan 02 Sep, 2014
lol copying my planned XDDD.
cfaust 24 Aug, 2014
Thanks for the recommendation :D's awesome indeed. The way it ended was just so UNEXPECTED o.o