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interests k-pop, dramas, anime, books, cooking, League of Legends
located Hungary
born 15 Sep, 1993
joined 20 Jul, 2011
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kkotboda namja TV
neoui moksoriga deullyeo TV
kill me, heal me TV
taeyangui huye TV
w TV
sseulsseulhago chanranhasin: dokkaebi TV
naruto animation
ouran koukou host club animation
loveā˜…com animation
sekaiichi hatsukoi 2 animation
kuroko no basuke dai 2 ki animation
Lee Min Ho person
Yamashita Tomohisa person
Lee Jong Seok person
Gong Hyo Jin person
Ji Seong person
Nam Ju Hyeok person
Hatake Kakashi character
Takano Masamune character
Uzumaki Naruto character


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~ 4 days
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~ 3 days
watching 9/15
~ 2 days
completed 40/40
~ 16 hours
completed 12/12
~ 30 minutes

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674 listed titles    175.3 days watched
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luczaida 28 Jun, 2013
I'm glad you added me, I added you too :D I read your comment somewhere and saw your perfect profile photo, so I clicked on your nick.. :D
luczaida 27 Jun, 2013
Wow! We have 54% compatibility, that's amazing :D Nice to meet you *bow*
ofelya 27 Feb, 2013
yeah so much :D
ofelya 26 Feb, 2013
oh my lord 0.o my hands are shaking lol yamapiiiiiiiii *nosebleed*