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gender female
interests k-pop, dramas, anime, books, cooking
located Hungary
born 15 Sep, 1993
joined 20 Jul, 2011
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kkotboda namja TV
neoui moksoriga deullyeo TV
kill me, heal me TV
taeyangui huye TV
w TV
sseulsseulhago chanranhasin: dokkaebi TV
naruto animation
ouran koukou host club animation
loveā˜…com animation
sekaiichi hatsukoi 2 animation
kuroko no basuke dai 2 ki animation
Lee Min Ho person
Lee Jong Seok person
Gong Hyo Jin person
Ji Seong person
Hatake Kakashi character
Takano Masamune character
Uzumaki Naruto character


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luczaida 28 Jun, 2013
I'm glad you added me, I added you too :D I read your comment somewhere and saw your perfect profile photo, so I clicked on your nick.. :D
luczaida 27 Jun, 2013
Wow! We have 54% compatibility, that's amazing :D Nice to meet you *bow*
ofelya 27 Feb, 2013
yeah so much :D
ofelya 26 Feb, 2013
oh my lord 0.o my hands are shaking lol yamapiiiiiiiii *nosebleed*