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1st drama: My girlfriend is a Gumiho


''It`s hard to tell that the world we live in is either a reality or a dream''



soraya 03 Oct, 2011 I'm watching Ikemen desu ne & I really like it.Mm and drama like dream high(musical drama with very good actors Taek
> <) ,Mischievous Kiss.. my princess Image
they are very good and interesting + their OST ..AMAZING~ xD
Movies..maybe 71:Into the fire ..this movie it's very important & very good for me ^^ the best movie ever with real story of the Korean war.The movie is with my favorite actor,singer..TOP <3 Who play wonderful in the film ..~
I have not seen many films that impress me...What abaut you?
I see that you watching You've fallen for me..,how it is?`

kurumi 03 Oct, 2011
Yeah, he's really talented*O*

Now I kind of came back to Japanese dramas, 'cause all spring and summer I were watching Korean ones)) I mean, they're great and etc. but Japanese are shorter:D Definitely, I'll watch Last friend one day*O*
ainaki 03 Oct, 2011
hello :) thank you for adding,i'll do the same ^^ nice to meet you btw.where are you from and how old are you? i se "1 litre of tears" in your favsi wasn't able to comlete it,it was too cheesy and overdramatic for me :(
yukimi 03 Oct, 2011
O_O Novinha, eu comecei a assistir dorama eu tinha mais ou menos sua idade, acho que uns 13.

Assisti só o filme, já está de bom tamanho, não gosto de drama demais.
rini 03 Oct, 2011
Vi os dois. Amei completamente.
Acho que na vida real devia haver mais Hirokis *o*
Acho que fiquei viciada em personagens de drama, principalmente os bad boys. XD
icequeen 03 Oct, 2011
Okay, thanks~ I'll add you back ^^
Yup, we do~ I see you have City Hunter in your favourites. I really want to watch this, but I haven't had the best of luck with K-drama >.< Is it as good as they say?
I'm 19~ And you?
rini 03 Oct, 2011
Ahh! Eu sou tão parva! Já vi sim!
Só que vi há muito tempooo! Quando começei a ver o primeiro episódio lembrei! xD
Por acaso esse anime me faz lembrar o "Lovely Complex" ^^
soraya 03 Oct, 2011
Yes..Park Shin Hye sometimes irritates me xD ..,but not much.
Yes, I've seen Kurosagi..although I don't remember much,but Yamapi was so good in his role > < I love how he dressed.The drama is very cool..maybe the end I didn't like much.,but because the film is with Yamapi. . . ^^
Have you watched..Kurosagi?`