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dufresne 10 Feb, 2015

I'll send it to you later today. :p
redwitch 28 Mar, 2014
Kkk. Bugsy with Barbie xD Great photo xDDDDDDDD btw... who is Maria? :ccccccc why they're singing about her xDDD so funny xDDD today they looks like sick or something xD green light... xD
redwitch 27 Mar, 2014
U must see <3 they was great xD Siwon is filming his drama, so Henry calling "MARIA" xDDDDD
redwitch 27 Mar, 2014
You right, Zhou Mi's voice is awesome! I love his solo from SS3 and SS4 ♥ I hope he can sing more parts in future ;cc
Haha, don't worry xD I like Strong, but other songs too XD
Today's performance was perfect, but I heared, Sungmin is sick ;c
redwitch 24 Mar, 2014
Ok, I know arledy. Strong ♥ and Love For You <3 Zhoumi's voice is amazing, love it~!
redwitch 21 Mar, 2014
Ahhh... I don't like when he can't sing more parts... I love his voice, so SM should let him sing for his all fans... And I like Love for You too, but now I don't have fav track yet...
redwitch 21 Mar, 2014
Great mini album! <33 and MV tomorrow! *o*
redwitch 20 Mar, 2014
Don't worry, I think it will be ok for us, SM and SJ :D 2nd teaser is out, so enjoy~! Sungmin is so handsome, awww. But his not a main dancer TT_TT sad ;c