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redwitch 10 Mar, 2014
Hehe. You're old, me too :P now I've got 25yo, so they are close to me xDDD I don't like too young boys, they're no sexy to me xD
redwitch 09 Mar, 2014
Ufff, so it's ok <333 we must support them till the end <3 even they're too old :P mature man is so sexy xD
redwitch 08 Mar, 2014
Och, no, don't leave Suju ;ccc they need your love :ccc
redwitch 21 Feb, 2014
Mhm... I'm affraid, he doesn't take a part in new album SJM ;ccc i hope he'll sing in the SJM album coming soon... He is not happy, because fans dont like them anymore, they're too old for young girls. And no 7jib. Maybe he is worried about SJ, dont know. And I think, everyone needs a break, so army is a good option. Don't be sad <3
redwitch 20 Feb, 2014
I'm happy. I know it's maybe weird, but if he became a policeman (xDD) he'll play as he like. And this ins't so hard i think... so hope he can dreams come true <33 Each of them must go to the army, we must accept it ;c
redwitch 19 Feb, 2014
Sungmin is my ultimate bias ♥ Maou is a great drama! Ohno was the best character~ I want more dramas with him :)
murii 26 Jan, 2014
Yes, they are so cute. But I have no one to send those stickers :c
jeanne 09 Aug, 2013
الحمد لله تمام ، دووم يارب =)