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quels 30 Dec, 2012
Hi, I've seen some of your comments in some movies I like and After check your recomendations, the ones I haven't already watched I'm adding in my list. They're seem really good titles! So Thank you. xD
risingsun 01 Oct, 2012
No, I only watched the drama - and it was amazing - obviously XD I'm glad I can help hehehe =))
risingsun 17 Sep, 2012
Look what I made!!!
risingsun 09 Sep, 2012
Hey dear!!!
I'm so glad you're enjoying Beethoven Virus so much! Well, I don't know what to recommend anymore - so it will probably be a long list, but okay... here's my top top top list lol:

My Girl
Shut Up Flower Boy Band
Bridal Mask
The Devil
You're Beautiful
The Legend
Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Love Rain
What's Up
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
A Gentleman's Dignity
White Christmas

I gave 5 stars to those and they're all excellent!
At the moment I'm watching Reply 1997 which is awesome! Five Fingers is excellent too... and there's a lot of others, but yeah, that's it for now XD
risingsun 30 Jul, 2012
I didn't watch it in the end lol
I watched a bunch later... but this year I suppose I liked Shut Up Flower Boy Band the most... and Love Rain was amazing too... I watched a lot XD
Now I'm watching Bridal Mask (which is also awesome), Dr Jin, Fermentation Family and Lovers in Prague (going back to some old ones XD)... I'm quite busy so I don't really have time to watch much... but I'm trying.
risingsun 13 Dec, 2011
Um... Time (Shigan) definitely! Then Breath (Soom). I also watched his first film - Crocodile and it's cool, but you can skip it if you want. And yes, I finished Poseidon... it was a bit boring to me, since I don't really like dramas like that... but okay.
risingsun 21 Nov, 2011
Communication sciences =) - it's basically Media studies - we just call it Communicology. I'm trying to finish watching Poseidon now... but it's gonna take me some time XD ... busy always hahahaha...
risingsun 18 Nov, 2011
No... I'm still watching Poseidon XD ... and I want to start watching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop... but I really don't have time, since I'm working and I started my master studies, so now I have a lot to study too... It's a mess really and I'm sad I can't find time to enjoy some drama =)))