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sacchan 26 Apr, 2016
No problem ^^ Hope it's all fine now :D
sacchan 22 Apr, 2016
Hello again ^^

Sakurai-Ariyoshi is really problematic x"D This time they changed the title too, and the airing time also got moved by 1minute. Should I make a new page now, and submit the last episode number and airing time for the old one?
Thanks for the help.
missblackrabbit 01 Sep, 2015
Cool! A new friend! ^^
missblackrabbit 29 Aug, 2015
Nice tastes, I'm intrigued :) We have few titles in common but seem to have similar appreciation.
jan1991 30 Apr, 2012
Haha I felt exactly the same, I was like banging my table in frustration but in the end it was a good drama. Yeah I watched a couple of things featuring Fukuda Saki before but that was tarnished by her character in Life but when I watched IS afterwards she was completely different (in a good way character-wise) so it was good again lol. It just goes to show she is a very good actress, I'm surprised she is not in more stuff tbh.
jan1991 28 Apr, 2012
Just saw that you finished life. How did you find it? :P
jan1991 09 Jan, 2012
Hey!! I finished About her Brother and I saw that you finished it a couple of days ago~ how did you find it? ^^
jan1991 27 Dec, 2011
Maybe I was a bit too harsh on my review xD. Yeah me too! I heard so much about it and had very high expectations but I felt disappointed with it (maybe it was my expectations), I initially started with it during this summer but I didn't get half way through the first episode and I put it on hold until this Christmas holidays, mainly because I was getting bored of how some of the Korean dramas were repetitive to me. But yeah anyway I carried it on and it was good but then it felt like it dragged on a bit too much and there wasn't enough Spice or something like that LOL. Maybe because I was losing my patience and wanted to finish it quickly and therefore don't see what everyone sees. But still have a go! Maybe it's just me. ^^''