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catfishcat 30 Apr, 2012
Poor bb lolol I bet it is become warmer so probably 'spring cleaning'? A little bit late this year though..

I am at ep3 only. Everytime wondering if Otoya is actually good or evil. Because he keeps popping up out of nowhere.
catfishcat 29 Apr, 2012
Bloody Monday's so f epic.

Waiting for NazoDi Subs as well.
catfishcat 29 Apr, 2012
You watched it only because of Taipi.

BTW have you watched NazoDi SP already?
catfishcat 28 Apr, 2012

So cute. I watch them alone. And I crack up alone. And my brother always wonders why I am laughing so hard. So awkward..

Go ahead. I am always open to recs. My list only expands nothing to worry about.
catfishcat 28 Apr, 2012
Miura Haruma looks good. I am watching some Shiyagare now. Apart from those dramas I still have Arashi varieties to watch.

I need something light hearted as next drama to watch.
catfishcat 28 Apr, 2012
Oh I see. Adding so many 'planned' dramas right now.
catfishcat 28 Apr, 2012
Same. lol You're my first. But we have 0% compatibilty. So sad.
catfishcat 28 Apr, 2012
YAY! I finally figured out how to add people so you've been added. :D :D