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Ahn-Nyeong Hah-Seh-Yo
my name is saranghe♥
I'm anime and drama addict, I love to explore and discover new things xD
hope to become your friend ^^


alleinr 02 Dec, 2011
Oh, now you know about Park Yu Cheon and how he can play! :P My congratulations!
alleinr 22 Nov, 2011
His name is Park Yu Cheon, and he's one of the most talented people in Korea. *____* He's former member of Dong Bang Shin Ki, currently JYJ. <3
alleinr 22 Nov, 2011
hey, what are you talking about? ^^ about guy on my profile pic?
yukisama69 20 Oct, 2011
You're welcome. Good luck on exams ^__^
yukisama69 19 Oct, 2011
It's from "Life is Beautiful" Awesome K-drama. I recommend it. It's on the longish side at 63 episodes, but well worth watching. These two are the gay couple from the show. Very well done storyline.
minsky 09 Oct, 2011
Ahahahaha thanks, but that's too much, i didn't did anything special x)
Hope U like it :3 after you see it, tell me your opinion : D
minsky 06 Oct, 2011
Hey saraghe : D

I don't know if you already saw the movie but I found it on youtube again, it don't have the best quality, but it's no that bad, so if you wanna try it here it go the link
minsky 02 Oct, 2011
I'm sorry that I can't help you :s well wait a little bit maybe you can see it later n.n
I loved the movie : D It's a really good serie : D