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suketeru 28 Apr, 2015
At the cinema (^^;)
It's still screening so you will have to wait some time before the DVD comes out.
berrytm 03 Jun, 2012
Yes I have watched it :D I'm really bad at recommending and reviewing ahaha XD It depends what style you like to watch :3 I think it wasn't bad though :3
anulka406 19 Feb, 2012
Jak widać z mojej listy nie za bardzo oglądam filmy. Mogę ci jedynie polecić koreańskie 200 Pounds Beauty, jeśli chodzi o komedie romantyczne, a jeśli chodzi o romantyczne filmy ogólnie to japońskie Tenshi no koi jest świetnym filmem. Widziałam jeszcze koreańskie Who slept with her?, ale to coś w rodzaju Amercican Pie i mnie osobiście się nie podobało. Ostatnio oglądałam też film neoneun pet, ale wersja, którą widziałam, miała takie angielskie napisy, że miejscami nie szło zrozumieć, o co w nich chodzi (dość niegramatyczne).
dodii 11 Jan, 2012
Haha, just from what I saw I knew Jang Geun Seok would be in your favorites actors :P!
dodii 10 Jan, 2012
Hahahah, tired of watching dramas :P? I just watched "Paradise Kiss", it was good, well normal!
-Shotgun Love (K)
-My wife is a ganster (the 3 were funny loL!) (K)
-The perfect couple (K)
-Arahan (funny too!!) (K)
-Love on a diet (K)
-Speed scandal (K)
-Kidnapping Granny K (VERRYY FUNNYYY!!) (K)
-She's on Duty (K)
-Beast And Beauty (K)
-Surprise Party (K)

You might have seen some of them I guess! But most of them are really funny!
vanelya10 30 Dec, 2011
same on you :D XD should sorry, but you can see him in city hunter with the glasses :P
vanelya10 30 Dec, 2011
god u dont know whose the second, lee min ho from boys over flowers\city hunter......and third one is Yu Seung Ho, but he is this good-looking only in one drama, Warrior Baek Dong Su
kiyoshi 15 Dec, 2011
You're welcome :)
Don't forget to tell me what do you think about it :p