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rooomanoooma 16 Jan, 2017
hello king ;)
how have u been doing?
miss the old days ><
hope u're more healthier & doing well chingu
I'm so sorry 4 being away 4 awhile ..
I started the new chapter of my life =^.^=
wish 2 hear back from u
be healthy & careful of the cold weather
t.c. bro :)
rooomanoooma 12 May, 2015
hello chinguuyyah ^.^
still alive?? What's up MaMa?
miss u so much T^T hope u're alright & doing well
reonsoru 07 Apr, 2014
No problem, dear ^__^ Glad to be of help!

Ermmm, since I was a poor student in Japan, I used to just stay at super cheap business hotels (in Osaka, check out "Hotel Chuo", it's cheap and nice) OR manga cafes with shower. ^ ^;;;;;; You get your own little private space, unlimited free drinks and internet magazines manga and you can use the public shower, which was always clean in the places I have been too. Usually, manga cafes are pretty afforable at night, like 1,000 to 2,000 JPY for 10 hours, but yeah the downside is that you cannot leave your luggage there. I used lockers in that case. Anyways, I wouldn't recommend doing this all the time, but you don't have to be worried to sleep in the streets if you cannot find a good hotel / motel, there will always be open manga cafes :D

I sometimes write about travelling and dramas in my blog here:

If you want to know something specific, maybe I will write a full entry and post it there? :D
reonsoru 04 Apr, 2014
^ ^ I am living in South Korea at the moment and sometimes I go to visit my friends in Japan (and the cinema ^ ^).

Japan is always awesome, no matter which season. Summer can be very hot though and you just try to avoid the rainy month. My recent most favorite city (after living in Tokyo for 2 years) is Kobe! In general, Kansai area is really a lot of fun, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and Wakayama are all completely different but only an hour or two away from each other, so traveling from one place to another is convenient and does not eat your precious travel time ^___^
daredaniel 31 Mar, 2014
Ahah, lol. Yes that's a weird player you have there. I always use VLC or media player classic.
reonsoru 31 Mar, 2014
Hi there!

Sorry, I did watch it in cinema in Japan. I don't think it's out on DVD yet and even if, it might take some time unti it will be subbed ;A;
I guess you have to wait for a while still T_____T
daredaniel 30 Mar, 2014
Nope... not that I remember. Why? lol
rooomanoooma 05 Mar, 2014