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...wonders if she will ever land on a job Miracles do happen! She did land on a job! XD happy with her tv series and movies (foreign ones included)
...loves learning languages (4th one is in progress, 5th one is taking baby steps) TR-EN-GE-JP-KR-CH (and a million others) amazed by the unknown facts of life
...wants to believe in fate
...has lately rediscovered the joy of reading and writing
...loves drawing but hasn't moved a pencil for some time

◇ Gender Bender Titles
◇ Time Travel Titles=Past==Future==Past & Future==Others=
◇ Time Travel Titles (Animation)
◇ Titles Related To Disability
◇ Titles Related To Disability (Animation)
◇ Animations Taking Place In Non-Asian Countries
◇ List Of Period Dramas
◇ Dance Themed Titles
◇ KBS Drama Special Titles
◇ KBS Drama Special Series
◇ Body/Mind/Identity Swap Titles
◇ Titles Related To Twins
◇ North Korean Titles
◇ Titles Based On Non-Asian Titles
◇ LGBT Titles List
◇ Collaborative Titles
◇ Musical Titles
◇ Titles About Creatures
◇ Coproduction Movie Titles
◇ Coproduction Animated Titles
◇ Coproduction TV Series Titlesหมวดหมู่:นักแสดงไทย - กันยรินทร์ นิธินพรัศม์

I will add titles or roles missing for these people as much as I could. (Completed: 2)

- Natsume Masako
- Kuwano Miyuki
- Chae Jeong An
- Nam Seong Jin
- Arai Takao
- Sasamori Reiko
- Anzai Kyouko = = add 大暴れチャッチャ娘 and then move further
- Gao Yuan Yuan

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amittesukku 15 Aug, 2015
...I just realized I made new submissions. Is that okay too? But overall, I did that. Thank you (:
milisia 02 Jun, 2015
I allowed myself to add you to the list of friends: P hope you don't mind :P
miyako8 12 May, 2015
Oh okay I see.
Does this count then?
miyako8 12 May, 2015
Sorry that's my native source, I couldn't find it in English but I did now! Here you go :)
yumihyojin 10 Apr, 2015
Yes, it was Kitsun. o(^o^*)o I can believe and understand that, since there are so many series/films in the world and the information is quite vast. Personally I can help much more in the Japanese department since i understand the language, but I'll try my best in general.
I uploaded the synopsis! I'll wait to see if it was properly done or not. Thank you for guiding me! ☆
yumihyojin 10 Apr, 2015
Hello once again!

I actually came to know more about the site thanks to kitsun, and now that I'm already in it I just really like it, but I do indeed wish to help somehow!

Thank you very much!

Darn, it was pretty much obvious (the "edit" button), thank you! I'll try sending the synopsis today and see if it's any good or usable.
Ah! I also looked over your guidelines (awesome work by the way), it will definitely help me when I'm not sure about some things.

Thank you for everything and also for your prompt answers!

yumihyojin 10 Apr, 2015

Thank you very much for your message. p(^ _ ^;) To tell you the truth I'm already enjoying it a lot!
This site has really some great points and I really would like to help with the database, so I'm trying to figure out how to contribute little by little, if I make any mistakes please point them out, I would really appreciate it.

If it's not too much to ask, how can I submit a synopsis? I saw that "Umi ga Kikoeru" doesn't have one and wanted to write it and see if it could be used on the site, however even though I've tried to figure out how to submit it I still am a bit lost about the whole thing.

Thank you very much,

kiddo 09 Feb, 2015
I don't think so. I can't remember her husband, but don't think it was him....:)