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janghwa, hongryeon film
dare mo shiranai film
lily chou chou no subete film
niji no megami film
gongdong gyeongbi guyeok film
ruangrak noinit mahasan film
perfect blue animation
ghost in the shell: koukaku kidoutai animation
sennen joyuu animation
tenshi no tamago animation
sakamichi no apollon animation
shin seiki evangelion gekijouban: air / magokoro wo, kimi ni animation
Iwai Shunji person


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missblackrabbit 25 Nov, 2015
Good tastes
choishinya 14 Nov, 2014
It's not been a good year for me. But I stay positive :) I have watched a few movies but not as much as I used to. Don't really watch dramas at all anymore haha.
choishinya 06 Oct, 2014
Oh my goodness ! How are you?
choishinya 06 Oct, 2014
Oh my goodness ! How are you?
choishinya 06 Oct, 2014
Oh my goodness ! How are you?
gillis 28 Jul, 2013
emily994 03 Jun, 2013
No, not only tv series hahaha But I didn't put movie in my list.
And for series with 300 eps , it's 20min/episode .
nanuklein 01 May, 2013