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Japanese Drama: Koizora
Japanese Movie: Lovely Complex
Korean Drama: You're Beautiful
Korean Movie: 200 Pounds Beauty
Taiwanese Drama: Hi My Sweetheart
Taiwanese Movie: Secret
Hong Kong Drama:
Hong Kong Movie: Police Story
Chinese Drama:
Chinese Movie: Looking For Jackie
Thai Drama: Akkhani's Heart
Thai Movie: Yes Or No

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smrkl 30 Sep, 2014
wiesz co, jak przeczytałam info o tym, że będzie krótsza to przez chwilę pomyślałam, że 10 odcinków to nie tak źle i może jednak się przemęczę ale... nope XD
yukari93 06 Sep, 2014
Thank you for merging it! <3
smrkl 31 Aug, 2014
to na początku było ciekawe ale im dalej tym bardziej to drażni xD
smrkl 30 Aug, 2014
porzucam Syrenkę, irytuje mnie XD
yukari93 29 Aug, 2014
I perfectly agree! Even because you can check the latest trend by watching ongoing dramas! XD I usually watch at least one or two already finished dramas together with the ongoing ones, so I still have something left to watch when there are no new episodes to be broadcast! Ahahahahahah yeah! I agree with the plot thing! You are right!
yukari93 28 Aug, 2014
Maybe it's because they are newbies or...idk xDD

Yes, I'm watching dozens of drama in truth...I like following more than one even though I know it's confusing kkk About Triangle, yeah, what you said is true! I myself thought more than once to stop it and drop it at the beginning, but I'm getting through it 'cause it's getting better. The three main characters are now realizing their spot in the whole story mechanisms and there's more intrigue than before, when all they could do in the drama was gambling, beat one another up and being chased by police XDDD If you get the chance to resume it, then do it, even if you gotta endure through the first half of the episodes, like me >.
yukari93 28 Aug, 2014
See??? Woah!!! Yup! I wanted to ask you about that on skype yesterday!! XDD I recognize a Cassie when I see one! ; )
yukari93 28 Aug, 2014
Well...DBSK for example! I saw you like Yunho! I'm forever a Changmin stan since the "Hug" debut xD What else...? You can read some of my favorites on my profile here on MDL 8D