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The page turned, and the Yoshi's grew happier.

Idir ann is idir as
Idir thuaidh is idir theas
Idir thiar is idir thoir
Idir am is idir áit


You're staring into space
And every inch of silence




punkbeetle 17 May, 2014
hey did I make yer sister angry by taunting ? if so I'm really sorry... I just like to do sonic his taunts.. a lot, yeh I know.
punkbeetle 17 May, 2014
ugh work was lousy today >.< working outside with a burning sun sucks...
Anyway here we go:1636-7223-9470.
Hope to see ya soon.
jetty 11 May, 2014
Hey sorry about that, I didn't know there was a Dir en Grey submission, I couldn't find it. XD Thanks!
saotomekun 24 Apr, 2014
Bonjour Gackt! : D Je suis un pony :B
blobfish 24 Apr, 2014
I really want a PS3 and I won't regret buying one, but it's still a lot of money....
sarangimnida 22 Feb, 2014

Might be useful
nog1 07 Feb, 2014
Konbanwa !
monjaelisa 07 Feb, 2014
indeed o.o also kokiri forest is but a small place.. I get a feel that not many new people surface... I wonder how people reacted when Link really came to the forest.. if they all really are older than him.... did they realise... that he was a hylian..? and if so.. how come they never told him...
would the kokiri race truly.... hide this from him knowingly..?
and also, why does mido hate Link so much.. is it truly jealously due to Saria.... or is it something else..? perhaps something happened in the past that he was to witness.. and he's surpressing the trauma by hating on link...
or simply being jealous.. knowing a ''foreginer'' if there is no better words.... to come into the forest.... simply, taking over....

then that leads to the overall questions.. do the kokiri's know there truly are gorons, zoras, hylians out there..?