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I'm Mahwiii, or Nami whatever you like to call me ^^!

Am just a normal girl who fell in love with cute Korean guys and now, no matter how hard i try, all i see in my eyes are Koreans.

wanna know more random little things about me that is just so silly and i bet no one cares about? :o

-Born in 26th of August sadly i don't share my birthday with an idol tho am close to Yesungie birthday (yes, he is my bais in super junior)
-In love with a guy named Lee JinKi
-Favorite actor is Lee Junki and favorite actress is Eugene!
-Red is my favorite color.
-Cake is my favorite food.
-Mango is my favorite juice.
-A cat lover.
-I like to draw.
-lazy is my second name.

if you want to know more then just ask :3


lonekitty 11 Dec, 2016
I wondered the same thing about the leads in father I'll take care of you. They surely must've met before! I hope they don't make it an issue because.... It's not like they're blood related, technically speaking?
vanityfull 20 Jan, 2016
omg, it was a long time ago. I can't remember now T_T i will see if I can find it
usiekawaii 30 Aug, 2015
Domo arigatou!!
see you :**
usiekawaii 30 Aug, 2015
hey you!!!
i add you on my list.
kissuu :***
luhcortes 14 Aug, 2015
Hi, I added you on my list. Hope that's fine :D.
liyirna 09 Apr, 2015
allase 25 Mar, 2015
Your pic is adorable ^^ I sure hope I do to !
allase 24 Mar, 2015
Hey there onew! A hmmm I mean nami. I just read your review for Hyde Jekyll drama and it motivated me to list is as planned despite the bad press it was getting. Hehe very passionate comment