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thomasnl 19 Dec, 2015

Het is allemaal nog wat vaagjes voor mij. Het is een totaal andere lay-out dan ik gewend ben met de meeste sites. Is er iets van een watchlist hier ofzo? :P
taekyul893 14 Dec, 2015
I've been in Thailand, I just got back to Seoul now. I'll do it soon. Sorry
taekyul893 03 Dec, 2015
Thank you so much! I've been having finals in school this week, that's why I haven't been updating!
I'm sorry, but it's over now~ So I'll start again tomorrow!^^ Hope that ok!
saraooo 05 Nov, 2015
I just did, sorry and thank you
Random chan 21 Sep, 2015
milisia 29 Jul, 2015
Thank you for not killing me XD
vanityfull 19 Jul, 2015
Thank you for approving my submissions! I do like Ui Ju, he needs more roles! :) Saw him in Two Weeks first time.

omg, sorry for the wrong submission for Scholar Who Walks The Night. somehow I turned his name into a girl's one lol Hak Yeong >>> Ha Gyeong LOL
milisia 18 Jul, 2015
Thank you so muuuuch for patience as always <3