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milisia 29 May, 2015
Thank you so much as always <3
leelyna 17 May, 2015
Thank you so much, you're so kind!
I will make sure to always check there from now on :)
leelyna 17 May, 2015
All right :) I always mess up the source thing for submissions so thank you for telling me how to fix it, I'll be more careful from now on~
leelyna 17 May, 2015
Thank you for telling me, I fixed the direct link, hope it's okay now!
milisia 15 May, 2015
Deal! if not....can I bribe you? you know....candies, %, dramas XD
milisia 15 May, 2015 don't kill me if you will check my next contributions XD
milisia 15 May, 2015
I'm trying my best as much i can, sorry for all mistakes and thank you for helping again :D i'm still learning to make my contributions better and better, so any advice, will be always a great help ;)
milisia 15 May, 2015
Just random thaaank you so much for all help :D