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naratemari 08 Feb, 2015
It seems he was only in the pilot, so maybe he should be deleted from the guests.... Sorry for the trouble
nicepastel 05 Feb, 2015
Heey dankje !
minakang 17 Jan, 2015
I' m sorry for making this trouble!
I am happy that at least I help a little.
I will be more careful next time!
minakang 17 Jan, 2015
Hello dutchviola
The time of his appearance is at 42:40 till 45:35. Here is th link one more time
I hope I'am not wrong and I didn't waste your time...
Thanks for the interest in my submission!
minakang 16 Jan, 2015
Hi dutch viola,
I just recognised the actor at the episode and I added him. He has no name, as he has the very small role of a cheated husband. I might be wrong with the name (it could also be 이경순의 남편, according to the google translate). if you are hesitant do not add the role.
pkzss 15 Jan, 2015
Thanks again. And sorry for duble message.
pkzss 15 Jan, 2015
Thanks, I didn't even know that it was on this website. :)
pkzss 15 Jan, 2015
Thanks, I didn't even know that it was on this website. :)