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Hi I'm Buttercup. I have a beautiful siberian husky. I'm betrothed to this guy I've known all my life. I enjoy trying new things once if not twice. I prefer things to be simple and straight to the point.

I started watching Korean dramas when I was really young. One of my childhood best friends is Korean so we would watch them with her mom. I honestly have no idea which ones they were and I'm sure she doesn't either since we were so young. I got back into watching dramas probably about a year ago. I randomly came across the Chinese version of "What Women Want" and fell into the world of Asian Dramaland. I still haven't figured out what I love so much about Asian dramas because I'm never interested with any other continent's dramas.


nessssbm 02 May, 2013
Yeah, I would recommend it. : )

Aw scandal. Why does it seem Japanese and Chinese get into more scandals than Koreans? Maybe that's not true. Maybe Koreans are just extra secretive with their private lives? Or I should say, Korean scandals usually seem to be about petty things like "is Jokwon gay?" or "did so&so get plastic surgery?" I think one of the worst scandals was when Seungri was in the news for "strangling" some girl. I was pretty depressed, but the fangirl in me wanted to assume she was framing him. Ah well, none of my business I guess.

Dying to know who your top 5 'sexies' are. : D
Yea, it would be cool to know what they're like irl. I'd like to believe Park Ki Woong is just as darling as his characters (although I hear he plays evil in Bridal Mask).

Haha Jun ki~ That is one pretty man. What I find hilarious is that a lot of these Korean guys look so pretty but then have these DEEP manly voices. I love it. Thinking of Jun ki reminds me of Song Joong Ki. (now 27yo) He doesn't look very girly imo, but... forever a boy. I don't think he will every grow out of that boyish face. aaand, while we're still on this topic, to be perfectly honest I though Amber from f(x) was a boy when I first saw her. o _ o

(btw, we're both aquarius huh?)
nessssbm 25 Apr, 2013
Oh, it is. Normally I don't watch these teen dramas, but I had just finished Vampire Prosecutor and needed something thrilling to keep me entertained (with monsters, of course) and i was able to catch the first two seasons on netflix before ssn 3 in june. (excited)

Haha, Oguri Shun, huh? ^^ Well I don't blame him, his wife is gorgeous! (sry~)
Hm, I'm not so faithful, mhehe... Too many guys to choose from, you know? There's Lee Dong Wook (though he doesn't have much personality) and Gong Yoo... and then there are my little imps Park Ki Woong and Yoo Ah In. I can never decide. u _ u I may have a real problem. Maybe I'll just start a reverse-harem (shame shame).

Niel does look pretty girly with those LIPS, lol. Actually, though, he and Chunji are like the only two Teen Top guys I recognize instantly. Maybe because I'm not too familiar with them yet. Hey but that's really cute about L.Joe. I just looked him up and turns out he's like 6 years younger than Bora. : p guess he was being a gentleman. *aw*

BUT, back to girlyboy topic, you've got to admit Ren from Nu'est wins girlyboy of the year award (and every year for that matter). I kind of hate it when a guy looks prettier than me..

and hey, enjoy talking to you too. except it's 2am. ㅠㅠ 'night.
nessssbm 20 Apr, 2013
Hey, wow sry haven't been on in weeks. Been watching American tv show "Teen Wolf." (a little obsessed)
I totally agree about the psycho fans (or "sasaeng" 사생 fans) who don't give their bias's or fav groups a break. I think it's refreshing to see Korean stars able to see whomever they like. My new favorite "star" couple is Lee Ki Woo and Lee Chung Ah from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Apparently they're dating now. : p so cute

By the way, I don't know whether to thank you or hate you for sharing that song! I've been listening to it and humming it nonstop. ㅠㅠ Teen Top is so charismatic! It took awhile to get used to Niel's voice, but I'm warming up to them thanks to you~~

My favorite Beast song is.. all of them? No? Okay, it would have to be a tie between "Take Care of My GF (Say No)" and "Midnight?" But "I'm Sorry" and "Fiction" come close behind. (see how difficult this is for me?) : p

Anyway, sorry for long post. : )
nessssbm 26 Mar, 2013
ohh haha ok. that's alright, i wouldn't even be recognized as a b2uty by real fans, tbh. beast is just my bias. : p

so do you have a favorite kpop group?
i dont listen to kpop religiously or anything, but i like some certain groups and have some fav songs.

"It's also so hard to change it..." <--- totally get ya ; D