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cheza 21 Jan, 2013
ahhh :D poli oraio re si :) eklapsa poli kai an kai den perimena na mou aresei o takayuki apo to sekai no chuushin de pou to paratisa, me kerdise! sxetika arrostimena oraio :P
artesia 09 Nov, 2012
hi there!! of yes i'm really addicted about drama.always i'm watching some asian is became my one world XDD
johnaras 03 May, 2012
Hey o johnaras eimai thes den thes se ekana friend oxaoxao
berpudi 28 Mar, 2012
Hi! :OO Someone who likes EA yay! like you say it's really rarely to find someone :D
cheza 22 Dec, 2011
auto sou elega pou moiazei me to love shuffle
an psaxneis gia iaponiki seira des to :)
jeaudrey 03 Oct, 2011
Look, I really liked.. The ending leaves a bit to be desired, but nothing to spoil the drama, and sometimes I feel that I had seen some scenes .. But it is only my perception hahhaha
But it is very good .. I quite liked the action scenes, more than the romance hahahaha But I think you'll like =))
I have 14, 15 in December..

The j-drama Life is good?
jeaudrey 30 Sep, 2011
I'm fine too .. I add you ^^
we have a similar taste in dramas ..
How old are you?
jeaudrey 30 Sep, 2011
hii, how are u? :)