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the genius: gameui beopchik variety
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Yun Gye Sang person
So Ji Seop person
Kim Jong Guk person
Jo Seung U person
Hong Jin Ho person
Yagami Light character
Mouri Kogorou character
Ryuk character
Edogawa Conan character
Romeo character
Yagami Taichi character


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Welcome to mydramalist ~

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Favorite Broadcaster:
Kim Jong Guk, Hong Jin Ho, Park Myeong Su, Haha, Lee Gwang Su, Sin A Yeong, Lee Su Geun

Favorite TV Actor:
So Ji Seop, Yun Gye Sang, Kim Nam Gil, Park Si Ho, Lee Jun Gi, Go Su, Jo Seung U, Yu A In, Song Jung Gi, Jo Jae Hyeon

Favorite Movie Actor:
Choi Min Shik, Ha Jeong Wu, Hwang Jeong Min, Lee Jeong Jae, Cha Tae Hyeon

Favorite Actress:
Yun Eun Hye, Jeong So Min, Kim Nam Ju, Eom Ji Won, O Yeon Seo

Favorite Child Actor:
Cheon Bo Geun, Yeo Jin Gu

Favorite Singer:
Kim Jong Guk, Kim Gwang Seok, Zion.T, Baek Ji Yeong, Kim Beom Su, Byeol, Kim Yeon U, V.O.S, Big Bang

Favorite Variety Show:
Running Man, The Genius, I Can See Your Voice, Knowing Brother

Favorite Drama:
Iljimae, City Hunter, IRIS, Time Between Dog and Wolf, Cain and Abel, You're Beautiful, Reply 1997, Life, Mask, Oh Hae Young Again, The Princess' Man, Kurosagi, Green Rose, Mischievous Kiss (Korean), Bad Guy, Secret Forest, The Defendant

Favorite Movie:
The Admiral: Roaring Currents, The Age Of Shadows, The Flu, Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned, Thread Of Lies, Blind, A Man Who Was Superman, Hello Ghost, Il Mare, Inside Men.

Watching... (Ordered according to Priority)

Variety Shows:
1. Running Man (Sunday)
2. Kim Jong Kook and Haha's Big Picture
3. Ask Us Anything (Sunday)
4. Infinity Challenge (Saturday)

Temptation Of Wife. [on hold]
Daring Women. [on hold]

My Top Planned 2016's Airing/Finished Dramas:
Oh My Geum Bi, Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju, Dear My Friends, Five Children, The Sound Of Your Heart.

My Top Planned 2017's Airing/Finished Dramas:
Tunnel, Chief Kim, Fight For My Way.


miochan ~ 3 weeks
كل عاااام و انتي بخييير
و عيدج مباااارك
وينعاااد عليج كل سنه و كل حوول يارب

بياااان حبيبتي عندي لح خبر حلوو
انا بقيت مترجمه في فريق اوتوكيه من كم شهر
و سويت اعادة انتاج لدرامات magical touch بموافقة سنيورة
و اعدنا انتاج دراما Youre Beautiful و Hero
هذه اللنكات لو حابه تتفرجي
حيااااك الله
rooomanoooma 26 Sep, 2015
Hello Bayoona ^.^
rooomanoooma 20 Jul, 2015
Hi Bayoona ^.^
kol sana o ente mabsota ;D
milisia 05 Jul, 2015
Aww thank you <3 if you want chit-chat, write anytime :D
milisia 04 Jul, 2015
I allowed myself to add you to my friends list, i hope you don't mind ;)
miochan 19 May, 2015
miss you 7bibty .. wish you all right
hideki 02 Apr, 2015
rooomanoooma 09 Oct, 2014