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my boss my hero TV
hanazakari no kimitachi e: ikemen paradise TV
coffee prince 1 hojeom TV
crows zero film
hormones: waiwawun 2 TV
eungdaphara 1988 TV
bleach animation
sen to chihiro no kamikakushi animation
tekkonkinkreet animation
durarara!! animation
shingeki no kyojin animation
kuroko no basuke dai 3 ki animation
Ninomiya Kazunari person
Satou Takeru person
Kim U Bin person
Chumphon Adulkittiphon person
Opnithi Wiwatthanawarang person
Kubota Masataka person
Abarai Renji character
Kuro character
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez character
Heiwajima Shizuo character
Kagami Taiga character
Jean Kirstein character


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Cassiopeia, ELF & BBC
recently Carat & NCTzen
Johnny's Entertainment trash
Dok2 the Quiett Beenzino
Jrock/Visual Kei veteran

I'll merge your thai title & roles + korean roles submissions!
Before adding, please make sure to read our guidelines, or ask me~


Current darlings;
黃仁俊 ♥ 도영 ♥ Mark Lee

I'm a sucker for school & delinquent drama's with friendship issues, especially bromance...
also have a special interest to asian horror movies
but now I'm mostly obsessed with thai boys...


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lady ~ 3 weeks
ok, thank you. I think I understand you. Added. Check, please
lady 21 Sep, 2017

Thank you for your clarification) But What concerns these sources?
Can you give an example?
thomasnl 13 May, 2017
Thanks for the clear explanation of your changes on my request :).
luthien 02 Apr, 2017
Yes, it is! I'm doing it right now. Thanks.
d0npian0 09 Mar, 2017
Hi :) You accepted my movie submission and asked me to prove that I wrote the synopsis myself (I did), but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to do that? Thank you for saving it!
This probably makes me sound super clueless, but I only submit things every couple of months and only ever figure out when a site rule has changed when I get called out on something. So far it always was enough for me to write that I wrote the synopses in that box for sources... is that still fine? Because I have another open synopsis and I don't know for the life of me how to quote myself as a source... lol
xxmai 25 Nov, 2016
Yeah, the ratings, too. Though, I must say that only the newest ratings are truthful. I think that I would change half of the ratings for some older stuff that I watched years ago. I was too nice when I added them to the list. :D
Hmmm... I watched it many, many years ago, then I had a break of several years, and then for some reason the last couple of years I picked up the speed. Especially this year. My goal now is to try and finish all the stuff of my "to watch" list. How about you?
Oh, what should I call you? (: *high five* *new friend* ^^
xxmai 25 Nov, 2016
Just want to stop by and say hi. I don't come across a lot of people who watched around 140 of the same titles as me. :D Also, your favs, your preferences for choosing new projects, and interests strikingly resemble mine, so I guess it's faith?! ^^;
Nice to meet you~!
anasparrow 07 Sep, 2016
Hi! =D we definitely have a lot in common!!! we're both suckers for school & delinquent drama's with friendship issues, especially bromance...! ♥ I'm adding you back! Nice to meet you! ^^ Hope you're doing good too!