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mimiline 20 Jan, 2018
Oooooh noooon, du YeWook *-* Je craque, voilà --"
mimiline 04 Oct, 2016
taekyul893 15 Jul, 2016
Hi! Saw you just finished Salute D’Amour! Is it very heartbreaking, or watchable, without breaking down completely? ;_; (I've heard both) and please don't spoil x)
mimiline 25 Mar, 2016
Il est beau, hein? ^^ ♥
nakamaruluna 21 Mar, 2016
InGuk : Hmmm mignon ? Rhaaaa je sais pas, je t'aime tellement peu importe comment tu es ♥
nakamaruluna 19 Mar, 2016
InGuk : Oooh mon JongSukie *-* Je vais voler le compte de Laëti pour me remettre en photo *-* Mais je veux te voir :)
moonyamadeo 26 Dec, 2015
Me too ! <3
taekyul893 23 Dec, 2015
Thank you :D I saw we had pretty much the same ratings as well hehe
I'll follow/add you~