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First of all if you see that I added you as a friend don't worry, I'm not doing it to force you to talk to me or be my friend. Not at all. I just simply like the dramas you are watching/I like your taste in dramas and want to use your profile to see if there is anything good I missed and just simply watch it. Treat me like a harmless follower or creeper if you will :)

How long have you been into:
Anime/manga - from late 2005 to 2007. During that time I watched around 60 series and read around 15 mangas.
K-pop - since mid 2008.
Dramas - since late 2007 - that's why I stopped watching anime and reading manga.

In addition to my favorites:
My male celebrity crush:
Korean: Yeo Jin Goo (after watching Monster Boy... oh boy, I love him), Park Yoo Chun, Yoo Seung Ho, Yoo Jae Suk, Ha Dong Hoon (Haha)
Japanese: Oguri Shun, Narimiya Hiroki, Mizushima Hiro, Matsuda Shouta, Nishikido Ryu, Miura Haruma
Chienese/Taiwanese: Vic Zhou, Show Lo, Yang Yang (he's just cute)
Female celebrity crush:
Korean: Gong Hyo Jin, Song Ji Hyo, Jung Ryeo Won, Shin Eun Kyung, Han Ji Min, Kim Seul Gi
Japanese: Nakama Yukie, Aoi Yuu

Favorite artist:
Bands: - 10cm, Nell, Mad Soul Child, Dear Cloud, Oh Hyuk, Leessang (duo), Florence + the Machine, Run River North,, Tenacious D, OneRepublic
Male artists: Jung Yeop, Primary, Zion T., Tablo, Yelawolf, Moby, JJLin, Gotye.
Female artist: Ali, Baek Ji Young, IU, Zia, Jin Sil (of Mad Sould Child)

Some random facts that no one cares about:

~ I like to keep my stats clean so I delete any show I drop and I don't mark any dramas as planned because I actually never check those and they just stay there forever. I just try to finish the shows that I watch at the moment and if there is any that I'm interested in I watch it right away.

~ I rarely ever add any movies to my list here, not because I don't watch movies but because I have another site for them (similar to IMDb ) so I only add here movies I liked or the ones I just feel like adding here.

~ I hate rating dramas...I only like rating the ones I loved or the ones I hated. Otherwise I'm too generous... For me everything rated 3 is just okay, something watchable and that's likes 80% of the stuff that I watched. If I rate a drama 1 or 2 stars it has to exceed a certain level of BS and/or boredom.
As probably most people, sometimes I go through my drama list and I see that I rated some dramas higher or lower than they deserve.
Mostly that happens when I go back and look at the dramas I watched like 9 yeras ago... obviously I was closer to a teenager back then so I liked all those silly highschool stuff and now that I look at it I'm like... "what was I thinking... I must've been really immature LOL".

~ I'm a huge fan of Infinity Challenge and Running Man. I would love to watch all of the episodes of IC from the very beginning but too bad they're not available. I watched all the episodes I could find and I hope that one day I will be able to fill the "gaps" and watch the ones I wasn't able to watch so far.

~ I don't like Idols in dramas but I like it when they turn out to have some solid acting skills, as for the rest ... go and do something you're good at!
Don't misunderstand, I love KPop but I'm not afraid to criticize my biases if their acting sucks. If they can't act, then they should stick to dancing/singing/MC-ing and leave acting to actors. I hate it when agencies push their idols into drama projects and it ends up being painful to watch...

~ I used to listen to K-pop like a maniac. But now that so many new groups are debuting one after another, their names make no sense and songs are about ... nothing basically, I stopped listening to idol-music. There are very few idol songs I like and the bands I used to like also do not please me anymore. Mostly I listen to a bit older stuff (back from 2008 - 2011). I listen to Korean music but just not idols.


ilate 20 Feb, 2017
Widzę, że oglądasz Voice. Polecasz? Ja się nie mogę jakoś zabrać za oglądanie, głównie dlatego, że po 'Fated to Love You' i 'Beautiful Voice' obiecałam sobie, że nigdy więcej nie obejrzę nic, w czym gra Jang Hyuk. Ale w 'Voice' kusi mnie Baek Seong Hyeon no i jestem bardzo ciekawa Yesunga, ale nie wiem czy oni będą w stanie pokonać moją niechęć do Jang Hyuka.
cncll 08 Aug, 2016
No ja tez go lubie! Taki slodki, ale i zarazem przystojny :D Najbardziej mi sie podoba wlasnie jako villain :3 Nie wiem czy dam rade meczyc to UF. Moze jeszcze ze 2 odcinki...
cncll 07 Aug, 2016
UF nie da sie ciagiem ogladac. Zaczelam wiec Nightmare Teacher bo juz od dawna planowalam. No i zaczelam ogladac w srodku nocy... A ja jestem kompletnie niehorrorowa. Teraz bede miala koszmary xD ale za to Eom Gi Jun bardzo korzystnie wyglada! Chyba schudl troche?
cncll 06 Aug, 2016
No to zaczelam te zapchajdziure. UF ciagle takie nudnawe czy tylko 1odc? :p
cncll 05 Aug, 2016
No, ale zaluje teraz :D powinnam ciebie posluchac. Zachcialo mi sie dobrej dramy i teraz zostal tylko jeden odcinek... I jak ja niby teraz doczekam do nastepnego tygodnia? ;-;
cncll 03 Aug, 2016
Poradź mi co mam najpierw zacząć: W, Uncontrollably Fond czy Let's Fight Ghost? :3
milisia 29 Jun, 2016
No to prawda i to niezależni od kierunku, bo jak mówię..mam ukończone studia humanistyczne + uzupełnione to wykształceniem technicznym, wszyscy fap fap, fajne combo, ale co z tego jak mnie nie chcą albo chcą, ale płacić jak za pół etatu za cały :/ albo dawać tyle obowiązków, że raz dwa się wypalę.
milisia 28 Jun, 2016
Jam Socjolog :P nie no próbowałam po okolicy i takie.nah...albo płaca ogryzki, że nawet na wynajem no no :<