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interests Reading, manga, movies, tv shows, anime, asian dramas, comic books, painting and makeup.
located Easley, SC
born 17 Sep, 1985
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secret garden TV
gongjuui namja TV
nae yeojachinguneun gumiho TV
coffee prince 1 hojeom TV
love shuffle TV
liu xing hua yuan TV
Hyeon Bin person
T.O.P. person
Gong Yu person
Sin Min A person
Lee Byeong Heon person
Lee Ji A person
Inuyasha character
Nakahara Sunako character
Sagara Sousuke character
Kino Makoto character
Juliet character
L Lawliet character


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16 Nov, 2014

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I found Boys Over Flowers on Netflix last February and now I'm completely addicted to Asian dramas. I live in America and in the south so it's extremely rare for me to find anyone who watches dramas or has even heard of them. I love movies, books, painting, comics, video games, anime, tv shows, makeup and blogging. Feel free to friend me, message me, or give me recommendations :)

Anime: Sailor Moon
Anime Movie: My Neighbor Totoro
Manga: Angel Sanctuary
Korean Drama: Boys Over Flowers
Korean Movie: The Host
Japanese Drama: Hana Yori Dango
Japanese Movie: Rashomon
Taiwanese Drama: Meteor Garden
Taiwanese Movie: Secret
Chinese Drama: Holy Pearl
Chinese Movie: Crouching Tiger. Hidden Dragon
Hong Kong Drama: Love at First Fight
Hong Kong Movie: Kung Fu Hustle
Thailand Drama/Lakorn: Sawan Biang
Thailand Movie: Shutter


rawrsiviee 14 May, 2013
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