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authenticdivine 05 May, 2010
Hmm, I think he did manage to rescue his fiancee because Nokaze was saved. We saw Miki as a teacher so I think she was saved but I don't think he managed to go back to the future. I'm not sure, the ending wasn't very clear. =/ If there's a second season, they might be able to clear it up but as of now, nothing. I heard there's supposed to be a movie coming out though..
authenticdivine 04 May, 2010
Hmm, it's been awhile since I saw JIN, don't quite remember what happened at the end. Can you be a little more specific on what you're confused about? :)
icequeen 05 Apr, 2010
Don't worry about that, I'm really glad I can take advice from a professional ^^ And I'd love it if you could give me more tips. How many languages do you know?

I know, I get really excited about translation too XD But my family and tutor don't really think it is such a nice profession, and they try to convince me to become a teacher or something like that, even though I don't want to.

Thank you~ ^.^ LIFE is such a masterpiece in my opinion, and it's sad that it's not as popular as it should be. And Nana too, the whole story instantly captured my heart and it was my first J-movie too. I'm really happy you like them as well. And it's very nice to meet you too ^^

Guest of Room 0 is nice, relatively, though the episodes are super short, around 10 minutes each. But I really like the message they try to convey about a person's value.
haoji 03 Apr, 2010
Hi! Have you seen any kamen raidaa yet? haha :D
icequeen 31 Mar, 2010
Hello~ ^.^

Profession: Translator Wow, you are a translator~ I aspire to become one as well, as soon as I finish high school ^^
haoji 27 Mar, 2010
0:36-1:17 Ahahaha! XD
haoji 27 Mar, 2010
They aren't related. Each season has a unique storyline and motif. :] haha, as you can see I love Kamen Raidaa.
If you really are curious, I recommend you to watch "Kamen Raidaa Den ou" (Den-o).
It's so funny! XD The main motifs are memories and time, and the main protagonist... well, is the unluckiest character I've ever seen.

I also recommend "Kamen Raidaa Kiva", which motifs are violins and vampires.
It's one of the coolest seasons. XD
haoji 24 Mar, 2010
I couldn't resist and I'm watching it already! XD;;
But if I didn't misunderstand, episode 9 just finished Bloody Monday season 2. Are you waiting for the subs?