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haoji 21 Mar, 2010
Liar Game is on my watch list already. :D It seems to be really good!
I'm watching the last episode of Bloody Monday now, should I start season 2?
(It is still airing, if I'm not wrong.)
I will make sure to take a look at those live actions too. Thanks :]
bayanoh 20 Mar, 2010
nice to meet u fatma
LIFE tstahl L five stars
L qssa marrrra 7lwa
bs kl ma at thakkar minami san (adhn esmha ktha ><") a7s wdi a9a6rha :@

ya hala b ahl L Bahrain wallah .. mn zman 3nha!
ana Bayan mn el sharqya ^^
haoji 17 Mar, 2010
I don't mind if it's not japanese. I like action, suspense, comedy... and a bit of romance is also nice. :'D am I too selective? Right now I'm watching Bloody Monday, and I'm enjoying it.
haoji 14 Mar, 2010
That's a lot of doramas! What would you recommend? :D Sorry for the randomness
daesung 13 Mar, 2010
i finished hotaru no hikari! :) very very cute, and i got the perfect amount of fujiki naohito screentime! ♥_♥ he's so sexy omgaaah lol.
daesung 09 Mar, 2010
yes! so far it's really cute. :D
daesung 07 Mar, 2010
sweetfantasy 20 Feb, 2010
Heh thank you ^^ It is pretty interesting. Are you watching the second season right now?