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Directors I love: Takashi Miike, Katsuhito Ishii

Genres I prefer: Action, Horror, Thriller, Drama, and a comedy know and then.

I fell in love with delinquents films about 2 years ago. Specailly Crows zero. Theres action and there's comedy in it and I love the manga that it's based on. I would have loved seeing Bouya come to life *sigh*


keelin 01 Dec, 2011
Hello again? hehe nice to meet you~
nanuklein 15 Mar, 2011
Indeed. His music mind was godly.
janegreen 26 Feb, 2011
Coz releasing an EP brings more money, obviously :D
I liked the EP a lot. Even though there're two songs that we already knew, only the language changed. I was mad when I saw that but after hearing Cafe I couln't be angry anymore. It's such a wonderful song. Starbucks should make it their song! :D Tonight's great too.
janegreen 22 Feb, 2011
I know, February 24. I've waited for their album two long years and now it turns out to be only EP. I'm mad at them. But they say they'll release a full album this summer.
I hope so!
bloodyneutral 06 Feb, 2011
mwuaha! kolla! nu har jag varit inne här! XD
janegreen 25 Jan, 2011
I love the remix coz it's really well made. I usually don't like any kind of remixes but this one is official and is much better than the original.
I like 2NE1 too. Actually I love the whole YG Ent. Especially those artists who aren't active any more like 1TYM, YMGA, Stony Skunk or JinuSean. I love oldschool hip hop that's why Big Bang caught my attention with their first singles and the first album. They were so YG back then! Now they just follow the trend but they're still unique comparing to the rest and that's why I love them. For eva :D
janegreen 21 Jan, 2011
Haha, Big Bang is my big love. There's lots of asian artists and groups I listen to but none of them can even be compared to BB <3 Imma total fangirl of TaeYang and can do nothing abt it :D

And Rain, well, I prefer him as an actor. I love his voice it's just that his songs don't really fit me. Except for Rainism (remix) and Hip Song :D
janegreen 29 Dec, 2010
"there should be more happy films with homo/bi/trans content." I agree! I've seen like maybe two movies where there was a happy ending.. It's really sad they're always tragic. Gay world should be happy. That's why they're called gay :D