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oktapbang wangseja TV
nae yeojachinguneun gumiho TV
gongjuui namja TV
jugunui taeyang TV
sseulsseulhago chanranhasin: dokkaebi TV
darui yeonin: bobogyeongsim ryeo TV
death note animation
ouran koukou host club animation
d.gray-man animation
vampire knight animation
Lee Min Ho person
Mun Chae Won person
Gong Yu person
Park Si Hu person
Lee Jun Gi person
So Ji Seop person
L Lawliet character
Suou Tamaki character
Lavi character
Kiryuu Zero character
Kazehaya Shouta character


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nthilylps 01 May, 2015
Hello, how are you? I'm so ashamed to have starting to have an interest in Asian culture so late at my life :(

wow!!! It was so random!!!! sorry/ hihi
wickoo 04 Oct, 2013
can't believe!!xDDD♥
tomoesama 18 Jul, 2013
His also mine :)... And in his long hair form he's too charming *q*... :P
tomoesama 18 Jul, 2013
The anime was enjoyable and the manga is one of my favourites ^_____^
My username is for Tomoe in fact :P
tomoesama 17 Jul, 2013
By any chance your profile picture is from Kamisama Hajimemashita? :D
hikanepb 26 Mar, 2013
:D >:D
hikanepb 25 Mar, 2013
na akor jo, mert kaptam egy mailer daemont, es azt hittem nem kuldi el xD :P
hikanepb 24 Mar, 2013
de ha jol tudom megvan, hova kuldhetem neked? :)