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Oguri Shun person
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1st Kimi wa Petto (drama)
Rating: ★★★★
50th hua yang shao nian shao nü (taiwanese hana kimi) (drama)
Rating: ★★★★
100th Itazura na Kiss (anime)
Rating: ★★★
150th Junjou Romantica (anime)
Rating: ★★★
200th The Tower (movie )
Rating: ★★★

Like you can see from my profile, I'm from Finland and 21 years old girl who is very interested of South-Korea and Japan (+ Cambodia).

At January 2010 I started to get interested about Super Junior (kpop group) and since then have been listening to the group and following their lives. A little by little I started to listen even more k-pop groups and nowadays have even been at few concerts here in Finland and once in Germany.


I started to watch Japanese drama at April 2010 starting with Kimi wa Petto, as you can see from beginning of this. Second one I started, was Otomen, which I ended up to drop. It just wasn't interesting enough for me.
I also listen Japanese music pretty much. For example: AAA, D Gackt, KAT-TUN, LM.C, MUCC, Nissy, SINCREA, Tegomass and w-inds..

First Korean drama I saw were Bad Family. I finished it during November 2010. Even it wasn't the best drama I had seen (actually it were pretty boring) but I really wanted to keep watching it just because Kim Heechul was acting in it. My second Korean drama movie was Super Junior's Attack on the Pin-up Boys.
In these days I listen a bit more Korean music than Japanese. For example: 2AM, JJCC, LEDApple, Nu'est, Shinhwa, SS501, Super Junior and Teen Top

My top 5 Japanese actors/actress
1. Koji Seto
2. Oguri Shun
3. Mizushima Hiro

My top 5 Japanese musicians
1. Gackt
2. Asagi (D)
3. Kyan Yutaka (Golden Bomber)
4. Ryuichi Ogata (w-inds.)
5. Maya (LM.C)

My top 5 Korean actors
Dunno atm.

My top 5 Korean groups
1. Shinhwa
4. Super Junior
5. LEDApple


dutchviola 25 Oct, 2013

Yup, if you want to see a person's guest roles, the roles tab is the place to be ~_^ enjoy it!
nightrainboww 05 Jan, 2012
Valitettavasti en voi kertoo ku on tän sivun sääntöjen vastaista kysyä ja jakaa linkkejä lataussivuille/sivuille mistä voi kattoa. :/
doramaaprncss 20 Mar, 2011
i am good but sooo sad for japan :'(
yup 1 lire of tears is amazing :P if u dont wanna download it, wtch it here
hmmm well i'm watching something called coffee prince now, after that, i dno. maybe some anime. i dno. do u have anything amazing for me to watch in mind?
doramaaprncss 19 Mar, 2011
HELLOOOO :) how are youu, havent spoken to u in like agesss. ^^
just wanted to let you know i watched the beautiful drama koizora.. it was OK, very sad :'(
thnx for the reccomendation! *hugs*
but, koizora has a similar storyline to 1 litre of tears, if u like Koizora, u will fall in love with 1 litre of tears! seriously watch it, and u'll have another 5-star-rated drama in ure list :P
doramaaprncss 28 Feb, 2011
and here are some more must-sees :

- Iljimae - historical, not entirely tear-jerker but has so many sad moments. about a thief that stills from the rich and gives to the poor.
- Song of the Sun - about a girl who has a sickness and so can get out in the day (this is sad, but not nearly as sad as 1 litre of tears)
- 1 litre of tears - a girl finds out she has a sickness that will make her lose control of her body (THE BEST IN THE WORLD)

- The Black Swindler - about a boy who swindles from swindlers. (rlly nice, but has some boring moments)

- Mischievous Kiss - a clumsy girl who likes a popular boy at skool
- Proposal Mission - verryyy sweet drama about a boy who goes back in time to get the girl he loves
doramaaprncss 28 Feb, 2011
wow that was long, but interesting to read :P
uhhh mizushima <3 all of this praising makes me crave watching him more and more! defintly gna watch meichan soon !

yup and i know 2 of the actors in HYD... one of them played in the drama (which was awesome) called personal taste and the second one played in the drama playful kiss (which was only alright). SORRY ,not familiar with the names :)

yup i will watch koizora .. lol sorry but i couldn't help but notice you said "both my moms" i'm a bit curious but will keep out of personal matters..

if uve seen most of gokusen 3, dont drop it. the ending is good/ok.
yup ure beautiful is reallly good, but ONE LITER OF TEARS IS MORE THAN GOOD. its EPIC

and yess! YAMAPI WAS SO AWESOME in nobuta. lol i love his shocks!

hmmm battle royale-- sounds interesting. when u say violence, do you mean the really bloody cutting people up horror violence or just fighting with a little blood. I cant stand the too much horror..

i just added raifu and Shiroi Haru to my want to list. THANK YOU <3

doramaaprncss 28 Feb, 2011
my bad, your english isn't bad at all! it was proabably just a few typos in the first message you sent me. woops.
oh rlly, I have to see meichan then! Its on my want-to-watch list but i havent got around to watching it yet.
and yes, i loved zettai kareshi and hana kimi (especially hana kimi)! he was awesome in both of them. LOL, when u say talented, do u mean good actor? For me, I dont like him because he's a good actor but because he's totally hot!

and thnx for the heads up about hyd koren. i will keep that in mind as i watch it. :P and really, rui? tbh, my personal opinion is that oguri shun is a really bad actor! and that made rui very annoying! i cudnt stand him actually lol. my fav character is domyouji of course! and oguri shun in hana kimi was just a nightmare. he was so stubbornly annoying and so ughhhhh i just hate him. (SORRY, I know you like him..)

btw, i looked through ure dramas, and saw one of ure fav dramas (4got what it was called, blue sky maybe), and i added it to my want-to-watch high priority :) it looks awesome!
and i saw that uve seen the taiwanese devil beside you and gave it a 3/5. haha i saw it and gave it a 1/5. i didnt like it at all, very monotonous. but the actress was really pretty :P and the actor was hot too.
and the gokusens... the first one was good, the second one was crap, the third one was crappier and crappier. SO DULL.. everything just kept repeating on and on and on..
hmm what else should we discuss..
YES- death note, the movie, why did u hate it? I loved it :P -- looks like we have different opinions after all --

if u want a rlly good drama, you should watch One Litre of Tears . its the definition of masterpiece! SOO SAD.
another really good one is Youre Beautiful (korean), it awesome too. Also, nobuta wo produce is a great one too :)

Now, ure turn, tell me some dramas that u liked a lot that I should watch.. :D Thanxx <3
doramaaprncss 28 Feb, 2011
Hello ^_^
YAY i got an MDL buddy :P of course i would love to be friends. <3 . ima add u asap, K?
and yes I loveee mizushima hiro *squeel*. he is the most awesome actor in the whole wide world! (too bad he's married, right? now i know i have no chance). Tell your mate that he/she has no taste lol.
i noticed that your english is a bit weak, so i will slow down my english for you.

Hana yori dango is the best drama on this planet :P... I love it. and unfortunately i havent seen it because I heard that it was bad, and I didnt want to watch something that would shame the japanese version. But now, I really want to watch it. I will very, very, very soon though. As in, after i finish the drama I am watching now.
thanks for the message. nice to meet you sirja! :)