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slayerizedcarol 11 Mar, 2016
IT'S A ME MARIO (jk it's carol)
travelman 30 May, 2013
HI!, I wanted to know what you thought of "Someday At A Sunny Place", the plot seems good, whats your opinion?
sayitaintsojoe 13 Jul, 2012
I liked it a lot. I'm still making my way through the Spring season but Legal High is my favorite so far. It was very funny and very touching at times.
sayitaintsojoe 02 Jul, 2012
Yeah, I knew they went in seasons but for some reason I was confused when the the seasons started and ended. Anyway, I've pretty much given up on watching shows while they're still airing. I'd rather just wait until they're finished airing. So yeah, I'm just now watching the spring dramas. I'm almost done with Legal High and then I'll watch some of the others.
sayitaintsojoe 28 Jun, 2012
You'll see why it's named that when you watch it.

What do you mean by summer season?
sayitaintsojoe 15 Jun, 2012
Yeah Skip Beat is the one with Choi Si Won in it. And the best thing I watched recently was Strawberry on the Shortcake. I think you would like too. It's a really really good serious/more mature drama.
sayitaintsojoe 26 Apr, 2012
I've only watched 2 but i loved both of them. They were Hi My Sweetheart and Skip Beat!
sayitaintsojoe 25 Apr, 2012
Well I just got done with a few. I watched Last Friends (it was amazing), Yuusha Yoshihiko (funniest drama ever, but only if you like rpg's) and Shiroi Haru (really good). Last Friends and Shiroi Haru were more serious/mature. Ueno Juri did an awesome job in Last Friends, and Shiroi Haru was really sweet but a little sad. And Yuusha was like a Japanese Monty Python's Holy Grail. Now I'm watching 11 nin mo iru (funny) and The Legend (Epic).