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kill me, heal me TV
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itazura na kiss animation
love★com animation
toradora! animation
one piece animation
final fantasy vii: advent children complete animation
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Lee Jun Gi person
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Ji Seong person
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*(dramafever/netflix and download doramax264)
I love romantic comedy full of good cliche.

Also love strong and independent women
Love time travel, fantasy and detectives/police too.

I hate melodrama and tragedy (*cancer disease, lost memories), a little bit at the end I can handle it.
I don't see why should be bored with this.

My confessions:
1° I really need love the female lead.
Situation: I'm happy, watching the first episode of one random romantic comedy, when I suddenly ask myself, "Why she doing this?".
Hummm... Probably I'm starting to hate the main girl.
Basically, when I'm watching a new drama, my first question is: "I like her?".
If the answer is yes, I have a potential reason to enjoy the drama or movie. But, if she is annoying or she bores me probably I don't put much effort to watch. She needs catch my attention or it has no meaning for me. I love shipping her.
2° For many reasons, I must admit: I've hardly ever like the second man lead.
Some are so annoying. Sometimes I fell like to kill one of them... If you ain't man enough to win and take the woman from others, you don't deserve her. You need give up and go away! Get lost, please!
3° Really don't have patience for a drama with more than 50 episodes. Too long for me...
4° If a lot of misunderstandings happen nonstop, I usually classify as average or bad, because it's make me angry and I feel stomach ache.
5° When I hate one drama, depending how interesting is the plot or what is happen throughout the history, I drop. I don't need force myself to watch something really bad.
6° I hate the villains. Hate when the villain win most of time, hate when he is more intelligent them others, hate support the good guy all history and he get hurt or die at the end. For me or the villain die or get fucked up most of time.
I hate give my love for the villain. (T.O.P-IRIS =>I'm looking at you baby! =>best villain ever).
7° I usually try share my asian love between Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. But Japan and Korea always win.

Sometimes I have second female lead syndrome♥
Capital Scandal=>Cha Song Joo
Soulmate=>Hong Yu Jin
The Birth of The Rich=>Boo Tae Hee
Ando LLoyd=>Supuri
Kekkon Dekinai Otoko=>Tamura Michiru
Tsuki no Koibito=>Liu Xiu Mei
Black and White=>Lan Xi Ying
Honey and Clover=>He Ya Gong/Yamada Ayumi
The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries=>Lu Jian Ning
Iljimae=>Boong Soon
Shitsuren Chocolatier=>Kato Erena ♥
All the things that I hate in dramas:
Infidelity, melodrama and tragedy,
love triangles, second male leads,
main leads abusive (until I like a little arrogance),
slaps in the face, betrayal by any person,
people always hidden his feelings, ex-girlfriend with no pride,
saddest dramas especially makjang,
death of any main characters and/or premature death of important characters in history,
dull couple, evil mother-in-law,
indecisive women(Geum Jan Di - BBF and Ju Jan Mi - Marriage Not Dating),
cowardly men, deceiver girls, envy, excessive misunderstandings, messed up story line,
male second lead pushy twit, persistent, annoying, moron, wishy-washy, dull or boring
(Ji Ho - BBF: trophy of most boring all time second lead),
female love triangle(woman x woman x man),
korean women yelling all the time (example: "yahh", "aigoo", "jugulae", "omo", hate this words), excessive male chauvinism, supporting role boring,
terminal disease, the amnesia thing,
travel at the end of a drama, blackmail or emotional blackmail,
team sports, long music scene(excessive k-pop music),
lakorns, revenge*

Things that I love:
Comedy(for me is the most important thing ever),
romantic scenes, strong and independent woman leads,
happy endings, marriage, badass girls, cold main leads, loyalty, friendship,
kisses and bed scenes, couple sharing the same house,
genderbender, noonakillers,
Time travel(love=>Love=>LOVE),
action, martial arts(plus: martial arts with flying people scenes ;D), sword fights,
wuxia, tw-dramas, fantasy, consistent storyline, exciting supporting role,
cute children, beautiful places, kisses in the rain, long hairs,
man crying for that girl he loves, man changing for that girl he loves,
pretend don't love you when your actions show you love,
people grow up together, police and detectives,
mystery, rich man lead, regrets, gifts, diamond rings,
silly girls(not totally stupid), animals,
*my love and hate.

Basically, my favorite actors choices based on acting abilities or his personality.
I don't based all my tasty in dramas
only how good looking is the main actor/actress or how expensive are the production costs.
I can control myself.
Of course I love pretty faces and beautiful places, but it isn't will make me believe as wonderful drama if it really isn't.
And last, but not least...
About k-pop:

Oh, k-pop?
No, thank you.

I never hate kpop.
But... ain't a huge fan.
This kind of music appeals to young people or mind open people, it's not my case.
I'm getting old, I also didn't have patience to hear / watch this...
Definitely I don't have patience for crazy bitches for k-idols.


locaxdrama 25 Nov, 2016
Hello! I just found you by browsing comments and added you to my friends list. I had to laugh when reading your profile because I felt like I was reading my own! ^_^ It's nice to meet a fellow "oldie" with similar drama tastes and 64% compatibility, as of today. If you have some favorite dramas, especially romantic comedies, I would love to hear your recommendations. Feel free to leave me a message anytime. ♡
babo 22 Nov, 2016
Really? Do you have any of those titels in mind? I myself know that there are some popular titels that I couldn't care less for, the same goes for actors...
babo 07 Nov, 2016
Hello! I just read your comment on Shopping King Louie and totally agree with you. Like the creep that I am, I then proceeded with checking your profile and was happily surprised to find out that our compability is as high as 50%! So...what I wanted to ask, do you mind me adding you? I find it's extremely rare to cross path with anyone with as high compability as I have with you :)
mradke 04 Dec, 2014
Oi lá! Sou uma das administradoras do blog "Paradise Dramas". Como você deixou seu mydramalist lá, estou te adicionando. >_<