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ofelya 10 Feb, 2016
merhaba profil fotondaki animenin adını öğrenebilir miyim?
patn 19 Jan, 2016
I readed your Reply 1988's review with tears in my eyes. Thank you.
missblackrabbit 17 Jan, 2016
Ahah I'm beginning to get discouraged I'll find something you like. ^^;
missblackrabbit 16 Jan, 2016
You should really see this one : Healer
It's slow at first, give it 3 eps. It's awesome!
paras 05 Oct, 2015
Sorry for replying so late, work has been too much lately ;__; and I hope so too! I want to see so many cities around the world, I wish I had more time to travel.
I'm 21 and I'm currently working at retail before I go to uni next year. I don't really know what I want to study at uni yet, so that's why I've had a few gap years after high school. How about you? :) Me too, I love getting to know new people!
paras 30 Sep, 2015
Thank you :3 And ohh, that's so cool! I've always wanted to visit Istanbul, it looks so beautiful ;__;
paras 29 Sep, 2015
Hahah, I change them too! I usually rate them higher and then lower the rating because I realise I was just too emotional when I finished the drama :D I followed you on Tumblr ^^
paras 27 Sep, 2015
You're right! I also enjoyed the chemistry between the four leads, I think it was interesting to watch how they all interacted together. The idea of a variety/drama show was really interesting at first, and I think the drama did deliver what I was expecting to see in the end. Although the episodes were way too long (I can't stop complaining about this :D).
I can understand you! I feel the same way about many dramas, I'm a very sentimental person so even if I watch a drama and it isn't very good, but it still manages to make me emotional, I will think of it as a great drama :'D