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emiley 29 Dec, 2015
Hej, dodaję do znajomych ;)
alexia 29 Apr, 2014
Na animce się przerzucamy? :P
hitachi84 14 Oct, 2010
hej tu Andzia84 z Baki dodaję do znajomych -:)
flame 01 Oct, 2010
konbanwa ^^
reiralove 09 Sep, 2010
Tu Reira z BAKI, doki i innych takich, znamy się przez Rhode. Dodałam Cię do friendsów.
alexia 07 Sep, 2010
Hello tu Rhode~~ Dodaje do Friends!
snowflake 04 Sep, 2010
Aww, what a cute picture! Now I can see why 'Smiling Onigiri' fits him! x)

It takes only one person at a time to make kpop globally popular... ;)

Haha, Poland only makes me think of winter but if its weather is like southern Canada (where I live :O), then it can't be that wintry. >_>

Yes, Taeyang's worked very hard. Have you heard his newest English MV - I'll Be There? His English is PERFECT ; if you didn't know him, you'd think he was an English singer! :O
snowflake 31 Aug, 2010
Smiling Onigiri? Aww... You come up with the cutest nicknames! x)

I can't wait for Daesung's new image. Hopefully it'll be a D-Lite! ;D

In Canada, there are a lot of Asians and they spread the news. My cousins, who knew about BB from their friends, are how I discovered Big Bang. x)

Poland? That's cool (even though I admit I know nothing about that country other than it's cold? >_>)

Haha, it's like that here too with kpop and other Asian things. Taeyang just miraculously got so famous!