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hiroshi 21 Jan, 2012
Here I am again)) This time with a proper long letter not just with a several-lines-about-Ryon-only one. But actually some lines about him will still be in it XD.
How are you? You wrote "Right now I'm saving for a concert which may not even happen". Whose concert are you waiting for? And if it were possible that any singer or band could come to Hungary with a concert, whose concert would you like to go most of all? By the way, do Asian singers often come to Hungary? The ones who come to Russia... - I've never even heard about them that's why I don't go to their concerts. About those whom I know... The Gazette came here and Miyavi came several times... but I don't care about them at all that's why I didn't go. But this summer Gackt came to Russia with a concert!!! I was so surprised and happy!! He is not my most beloved singer, but I like him and I respect him really much. And that was the first time for me to see a Japanese star in real life XD It was difficult to get tickets because many people wanted to go. But I managed to get two of the best tickets, anyway. (luck)) . I had to spent a whole month's salary on those tickets. Well, yeah, a lot. But that was not a waste at all. The concert was really good. Gackt was... well, just perfect himself. ))) If I were him I would never come to Russia with a concert. He is sort of too cool for us. But still he came. And he said he would come again in future.
By the way, who is your most beloved Japanese singer/band?
About the OKJ exam. I think it's OK If you think you're ready for let's call it "adult life". I chose a university just because I felt myself like a child, really. I graduated from school at 16. And I decided that 5 years of university were better for me than some courses because this would give me an opportunity to become more mature or something like this. Now looking back on those years, I can say that yes, I became much more ready for "adult life". But that was the only plus of this. I hate my university , it gave me so many problems, loneliness, pain and so on. So If I could turn back time I would actually choose some courses instead of university XDD. High education didn't gave me anything besides good English (I hope it's good XD) . But your English is already very good. That's why I guess that If your family is not against it and If you don't have some great dream (as if to become a doctor) , then courses are good enough. ))
Hey, you forgot Hanagata?! XD Ooh(( And I thought Mizobata Junpei was such an unforgettable and charming actor XD Probably, that role is not making-the-actor-unforgettable type. But it's Ok, I'll show you him being himself:
He is really good in drama about love. My favorite role of his is in this drama:
It's a movie. Very funny and very romantic. It reminds me of Ouran High School Host Club anime because it's just like OHSHC is able to cure from sadness and bad mood and all. It's a rare thing when I laugh while watching a drama or a movie but this one made me laugh a lot. And Junpei was such a serious and stylish boy in it. Much better than Hanagata. But I like him in all of his roles, anyway.
Right now I see there is a new message. Probably, it's from you)). That's why I'm finishing this one and go to read yours.))) Bye!
hiroshi 21 Jan, 2012
1000000 thanks for the link!!!! You've made me so happy))))) The concert was downloaded successfully and watched with great pleasure!!! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Ryon is amazing!! He sings so well, I like the songs and the way he danced , the way he talked to his fans and the clothes, too! Have you watched? What do you think about it? Which songs do you like more? I'm really sad that Shu couldn't come to Ryon's concert. But it was so cute when Ryon said that he forgave Shu for not coming there because of the nice message with a " ♥ " in it ))). Ryon is adorable. )))
hiroshi 19 Jan, 2012
Wow, you're downloading that video! I hope it will be downloaded to your computer successfully , not some error-at-99%-of-downloading way.
No, I don't have an account on Jpopsuki. That's because I prefer actors to singers, probably. So it seems I will not watch the video in the nearest future. That's why, If you watch it, tell me how good it was. Ok?
You didn't answer last time, so I'm repeating the question "Is it OK for you to receive several little letters from me instead of a big one? ".
Now I'm in a bad mood((( Have fallen ill with cold and tomorrow will be my 4-th working day. Usually I work in that way : two working days/day off/three working days/day off. But sometimes it's 4 working ones together and now with the illness it makes me much more tired. Sorry for complaining... Tomorrow night or the day after tomorrow night I'll write an appropriate long letter to you with the answers to your previous long letter. But for today that's all.
P.S: Ryon has a CD single already)) 2 songs in.
hiroshi 18 Jan, 2012
Hey, Kicc !!)) How are you? Is it OK for you to receive several little letters from me instead of a big one? I hope you don't mind this. Because it's much more convenient for me this way. Right at this particular moment I need you to look at this:
Lovely, right? So beautiful.... Soooo beautiful *lost in emotions*. People say that Ryon is streaming the video on his site. But I checked the link and there is no video. Probably, It was temporary. ((( I hope I'll find it somewhere in the Internet later. That must be great.
hiroshi 14 Jan, 2012
Hi!))) That's me again))) Saturday's working morning is free as usual. XD Although, I'm tired by today because the previous three days I worked for several hours longer than a normal working day.
How are you? Was this week at school hard? Have you already decided what to do after the graduation from school?
About anime... You said : "I haven't watched the Prince of Tennis anime, not even the first one. I saw the movie (of course, I obviously had to watch it, that cast... *-*)" That makes me wonder how did you actually happen to know the guys from the cast? In my case it was like.... I liked the anime and Fuji most of all and this made me watch the live action and some of the musicals, which in their turn made me a fan of drama instead of anime later. Right now I almost never watch anime. It feels so strange... Several years ago I loved anime so much. And now I see that drama is much better than it. But still the New Prince of Tennis is perfect for me to watch, I love it. ))) Are you going to watch it to listen to Aiba's voice in it or is it not enough for you?
About Ouran High School Host Club. It was one of my most favorite anime. I watched it several times. It always helped me to relax and to become a bit happier and calmer when I had some tough moments in my life. My favorite character is Haruhi. (in the anime not in the drama). Who is the best for you in both, anime and drama? In the drama... I prefer Kioya and the twins.
And the last question to discuss in this letter... About "Boss". What do you think of Mizobata Junpei? (Hanagata in the "Boss"). He is one of my favorite actors that's why I was really glad to find out that he had a role there. ))
hiroshi 12 Jan, 2012
Here goes my favourite Furukawa's photo:

And about the links... unfortunately, the person who uploaded the show where Ryon and Shu were, deleted the videos from youtube(((( Bad luck((
hiroshi 11 Jan, 2012
Hi, Kicc!!!!))) Actually, I've just come here to edit some things in my watching list. And it's high time to go to sleep . But since your letter is here, I want to answer. Not with a long letter.... Just several lines today. But I promise I'll write more tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, or both XD
Wow, you like Furukawa!!! And even you like him as a singer!!! That's a great surprise!!! It's unbelievable coincidence... Aiba-san first, then Ryon, and now Furukawa. We like them all together. Pure luck. My favorite Yuuta's song is "I". And the PV is so cool. He looks really nice in white, isn't he?)) Second favorite song is "Mistiness" which is from "Fuma no Kojiro" stage. I didn't watch the stage but I watched drama "Fuma no Kojiro" . Twice)) I hate Kojiro himself but the drama is interesting and Yuuta's character is attractive and it suits him to play a role of such a cold-hearted mysterious dangerous man.
I have both of Yuuta's photobooks. One of them was completely sold out everywhere when I needed to order it. So it took me about 4 months to get it... Not new one but someone else's one. A little Japanese shop helped me to find it and sent it to me. Now this shop doesn't work because the spring earthquakes ruined their business. Sorry for them. They were nice. I hope they will be Ok.
By the way, about ordering... I usually order from YesAsia so I'll tell you how to place an order there when you need. That story with Yuuta's sold out photobook taught me not to delay with the orders.
Sometimes it's too late to order some photobook or DVD.
Ryon's DVD came yesterday! I love it! One of the loveliest things I've ever seen in my life (all the drama counted, too) . Although, the DVD is from 2008 or so... That is before Ankh, but I love every tiniest thing of this. So cute he is, so beautiful, so sexy and so on.... I'm going to re-watch the DVD for several times))) The DVD is about making his 1-st photobook. But besides photo shooting which was much more interesting then the photos, he talks a lot, dances a lot, laughs a lot... And almost without his usual shyness. I watched about 6 or 7 actors' personal DVDs (some of them bought, some of them downloaded) but Ryon's one is faaar much more better than any other of the other ones watched by me. That was a surprise)). Now I love him even more than before . )))
That's all for today. I'll be back in a day or two. Bye!
hiroshi 09 Jan, 2012
Hi!!!!)))) I was about to come here today to see that there was no letter from you still and to get a little angry and a little worried. But the letter is here waiting for me! Great!!!)))) Oh.... as usual I have so many things to tell you that it's hard to choose what to start with and not to make it completely chaotic and not understandable. XDDD
So firstly.... Yesterday I watched the 1-st episode of "Prince of tennis II" or "New Prince of tennis"...whatever it's called.... And I'm totally happy!!! The first season is my most favorite anime ever.
So I was so glad it came back to life again. But the best thing is Aiba-san is a voice actor for the anime!!! I knew it 3 weeks before so that was not a surprise but that fact didn't make the happiness smaller. )) To hear his voice...that was ...I don't have proper words... heaven for me XDD Usually his voice was And I wouldn't say that was good. But for the anime he controlled it so well... in such a not-the-usual-style-of-his... I like it!! I like it so-so much!!! The character himself looks really cute. Probably, he'll turn out to be a little bastard in future but it's Ok. He is charming))) Or maybe it's just my love towards Aiba-san makes me blind and foolish. But I don't mind to be fooled by him. Anyway, his voice in the anime is soooo charming and sweet!!!!!!! *in love* (Yes, I know that now I'm behaving like a 13-year-old... ). I was blushed while watching and it felt as there were butterflies inside me. And I wanted to hug each and every one of my friends without a reason. Aiba Hiroki is the only one actor who can put me into this state. XD
About OOO movies. Yeah, I have the first one and the second one only just like you. But I haven't watched them yet. I think you're right - now there are no other OOO movies in the Internet.
About Den-O. Yes, I watched Den-O series. Here goes my top-5 among tokusatsu drama. The 1-st one is the best.
1) Kamen Rider OOO
2) Kamen Rider W
3) Kamen Rider Den-O
4) Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
5) Kamen Rider Fourze
I watched/watching some more tokusatsu drama but they were far not so good as these 5.
By the way I think that W is much better than Den-O. But Den-O is good enough to watch. And its leading actor is Sato Takeru. I adore Sato Takeru. I know he is not in the cast of the Den-O/OOO movie. Probably because he is too busy with other roles. But if you're going to watch Den-O series you'll see him. And Nakamura Yuichi, who is not in the OOO/Den-O movie, either. He couldn't be there he was in hospital. That's so sad... The two leading actors of Den-O drama are not in the Den-O movie. I can't imagine what is the plot of OOO/Den-O movie if the leading guys of Den-O are not in.
By the way, while talking about Sato Takeru... I remind you that you've promised to try to watch "Bloody Monday" in January. XD Don't forget about it. Because if you start Den-O series (which have about 50 episodes) you will, probably, get carried away by it and you will not have time to watch something else. XDD
I'm at work right now that's why I can't follow the links of Ryosuke's photos or post mine. But I'll look at them tonight at home)). Today is the last winter national holiday. And then there will not be lazy days at work for me. But It's Ok I'm ready for hard work now)).
About the video where Shu sings 2 songs and then he sings half of TaJaDoru with Ryon. Yes, I watched it. In December. I think it's normal that Ryon dances much better than Shu on stage. Because Ryon is an actor during 10 years already. Yeah, 10 years... a lot really... So he has lots of experience. And Shu is an actor for about 2 years or so. But still Shu is much better when they give interviews together. Shu can talk and talk and talk... he is talking too much XD And Miura-san gets shy and keeps silent most of the time. He looks so cute. And Shu has to protect him a bit to lead the interview. I watched some show with them. About 30 minutes long. A can give you a link to it If you like. Looking at Ryon who is interviewed while Shu beside him... I felt as I wanted to tell him "Please, don't be afraid... It's Ok. You're great! You worked hard. Don't be so shy... These guys will not do any harm to you... Everything is all right. " But that time I was a bit angry at Shu. Because Shu sometimes makes fun of Ryon and laughs at his shyness a bit. Ryon didn't look as if he was offended. But if he felt offended that would be normal, Shu shouldn't do that.
Miura-san is actually such a shy person but still he can play Ankh. That's amazing!!! ))) I'm proud of him! And I love him with all his shyness and so on))))
About PureBoys. I was shocked when I found out that he had graduated. So soon. And why? I guess that was not a solo concert but just a song or two. But still I want to watch the video!!!! I couldn't find it anywhere(((( Though I looked for it for a long time. Probably, there is not the video in the Internet. I was shocked to read that Ryon is going to be rather a singer than an actor from now on. And that actually singing was his dream not acting. And right now when Ankh's role made him so popular... he could get really great roles... but he's looking forward to singing. To be honest, that makes me sad. I prefer actors to singers. And to get a drama where he plays to watch is much easier than to find a concert to watch. I hope he will not stop acting completely. But still I wish he'll be happy. And if singing makes him happier, so be it. I will listen to every song of his .... Anyway Miura Ryosuke-san is one of the most beautiful and amazing person I ever liked. Even if he decides to stop being a star... I will never forget him. He is the one who has the role which is just 100 % absolutely perfect for me. Ankh. That's a lot. That's a lot already. And music now... no matter how well he can sing , he will not be so popular as Gackt or Arashi... but I hope he can become the type of actor/singer star as Furukawa Yuuta is. Yuuta is not really popular. Not so many people know him. And far not so many know that actually he is rather a singer than an actor. And his voice is not so strong... Have you ever listened to some of his songs besides Prince of Tennis musicals? I love him as an actor. He is so elegant. But I like his songs, too. I have about 20 of his songs or a bit more. Not strong but nice voice... he makes me calm. Sweet and cold voice. Romantic songs. And it's Ok that I don't know other person besides myself who loves his singing. Still he manages to keep acting, dancing and singing. And It's possible to find some PVs of his and to download songs. It's enough. If Miura-san manages to be a singer/actor of the same level , I'll be totally happy! Sorry for talking about Furukawa. I don't know what do you think about him , probably he is nobody to you and I'm here comparing Ryosuke's chance of his future career to Furukawa's. Not so nice of me.
I watched Gotou and Date's PV. Did you watch it? I like it)). Gotou's voice is nice. Date's voice is not bad, too, but I don't like Date himself that's why I don't care about his voice. The song is good. )))
Well... That's it. It turned out to be a long letter, really. Well, that's because I missed our talking. )))
I hope you don't have lots of problems and too many things to study at school.