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hiroshi 11 Dec, 2011
You were right, there were no coincidences among our favourite photos. But at least, our № 1 are both from the same set.))
Mine most favorite is this one:
So cute he is... And he looks vulnerable. I don't know why but I think that vulnerable beauty is the most attractive one. Like a butterfly.
The other two favourite photos are this one:
And this one:
about the last one. - I don't like this white hat. But it doesn't matter much because of these eyes... Really deep. Any person who has such a look in his eyes... can't be just another pretty face and nothing more... On the contrary, he is a very interesting person. It seems his life was complicated. Looking at him, I want to know more about him. What I'm trying to say is Miura-san is not just another lucky rich bastard without even appropriate level of talent or good voice as many other actors or singers actually are. XD
I hope the links will work properly. I'm glad that we showed favourite photos to each other, it helps to understand each other better, I suppose.
About making people watch something... In my situation I usually use exchange. My lover watches Kamen Rider OOO with me because I watch "Supernatural" with this person. Actually, it's unfair because the episodes of "Supernatural" are longer than KM OOO ones. But still I think the price was Ok, because now my lover respects Miura Ryosuke and Kamen Riders, too XDD
About Japanese usage of English... Agreed, it's really alien XD Today, while doing my Japanese homework, I've found the word "takushii" (it was in katakana but here I put it in romaji) in my coursebook and at first I couldn't understand at all what was that. Two minutes later it occured to me that "takushii" was actually "taxi" XDD
About the situation in your country that there are no many fans of Japanese culture and so on... It's very sad. (( But we are lucky that Internet gives us the opportunity to go anywhere and find people with similar interests no matter how far we actually are from each other.
hiroshi 10 Dec, 2011
Wow, you've answered already, that was fast))) Do you have some friends from your country who like the same actors as you do? I have a lot of friends from my country who like Japanese actors but there are some Russian stereotype in it. For example, Russians don't like Kamen Riders. People all over the world like Kamen Riders and it's normal but in my country it's not normal at all. That's why I'm like a black ship among white ones. That's why I'm escaping to international sites such as this one))) Another stereotype ... If I ask 100 randomly picked Russians who like Japan the following:
1) Do you know Miura Haruma?
99 out of 100 - Yes! Of course, I do!
2) Do you like him?
80 out of 100 - Yes, he is adorable! I love him!
the rest - He is Ok.

1) Do you know Miura Ryosuke?
80 out of 100 - eeeh.... who?
2) Do you like him?
90 out of 100 - .......
2 out of the rest ... He is Ok. Sometimes.

That was Russian index of popularity XDD Now you can see the situation. I got so used to the fact that nobody likes Ryon around me, that I even thought that my lover would kill me because of the fact that I ordered the photobook XDD But it turned out that I was mistaken, my lover was glad. That's because I made this person watch Kamen Rider OOO. XDD
Anyway, you're the first and the only one person who shares my feelings towards Miura Ryosuke that's why our letters right now are full of him XD Sorry for that. I don't know why but talking to people who share the feelings makes the whole process of fangirling twice more interesting and exciting and so on. And If nobody understands you, it's painful.
About Matthew ... Do you remember his spoon "Amour"? XDD Last year several ferrets lived in our house. They were my lover's pets. (I don't like ferrets) . And we had a special spoon which was used to help to clean the ferrets' cage. And we called the spoon "Amour" XDD Right now it doesn't seem so funny for me, though. I'll probably re-watch Delicious Gakuin and the "backstage".
Why don't you like France? Is there any special reason or is it just its destiny? XD As Miura-san is 3/4 Japanese, this foreign 1/4 is really strong. That's why Matthew looked all right as a half-French boy.
The way Japanese people pronounce "Matthew" is .... XDDD Well, you know. I can't even repeat this after them XDD Delicious Gakuin is really good, it's a pity that it wasn't subbed to the end (as far as I know). But I watched it to the end in Japanese, anyway.
Let's show each other our favorite photos from the first Ryosuke's photobook)) What do you think about it? 3 photos. I wonder If we like the same photos or not. ))
hiroshi 10 Dec, 2011
Your answer is long that makes me really glad))) Thanks!! And it's not boring at all of course, on the contrary - it's very interesting, and how can it be boring if we're discussing now the subjects I'm totally obsessed with now?)))
So, you've already seen the 2-nd photobook. )) Is it absolutely fantastic?))) How many pages are in it?
Is it better than the first photobook?)) The questions which will not spoil my impression those are XD
I'm so tired of waiting already... I even cross the days out of the calendar XD 7 days left, 6 days...and so on. I hope the post office will behave itself XD and send the note "we have something for you" ))) in time and not many days later. I have many photobooks and Japanese magazines already but I've never been sooooo impatient and excited before XD.
Right now I'm at work, by the way. Taking a break))) Boss is not here today. So I'm free to use Internet while nobody is near XD.
Aaaa.... there're so many questions I want to discuss with you right now))) It's even hard to make a choice what to start with. XD I hope you're not bored while reading all of this chaotic flow of my thoughts.
So... Delicious Gakuin. So many ikemen XD I used to love Aiba-san only out of them at first. But now I think I like all the leading 5 boys. You too? Aiba-san is still the best for me, anyway. But Miura-san is the second best now. )) I even don't remember now why I disliked Miura Ryosuke in the past. Did he seem to be too girly for me? But usually I like girly guys, so it's not the problem. He seemed to be strange, probably. And not even in Delicious Gakuin, but in Sho no Michi. Sho no Michi is a very good movie, I liked it very much. (no subs, unfortunately) But Miura's character was really extraordinary looking there. I would say his looks shocked me XD Well, I guess you know... He is a pro at looking in the way which can shock a bit. I disliked that very much. But now I think that it's ok. His style. Still shocking for me sometimes but I got used to that. And now I think he is very cute))) Very-very cute. Isn't he?)) Most of all I like the way he talks. Not in a drama, but himself. So shy and kind. And honest. It seems that it's so hard for him to talk in front of the camera sometimes. That makes people understand how talented he is that he can be absolutely different in his roles. Such as Ankh XD So now I think Miura-san is such an interesting person, such a nice and kind person. That it's impossible not to like him)) And what do you think about him?
hiroshi 09 Dec, 2011
I'm busy, too(( Overworking lately... Christmas and New Year's Day will come soon that's why the bookstore, where I'm working, is a crazy place now. Thank God, I'm working with computer and with books most of the time , not with the people. Are you watching some good drama now? ))
I'm currently obsessed with Miura Ryosuke. I almost hated him about 2 years ago but now he seems to be so adorable to me... That kills me... Have something like this ever happen to you? I mean when you start to like a person who was really disliked by you before. It happens to me too often. I'm telling this to you because of your list of planned drama to watch.... you know XDD Your list says "I looove Miura Ryosuke".
Well, mine list is a bit similar.))) I even ordered his second photobook. And it will come to me about 7 days later. I can't wait for it anymore... And though I'm avoiding looking at the scans from that photobook before receiving my copy, it's difficult because so many people post the scans all over the internet. And I don't want to spoil the surprise)))
That's it. Thanks for reading this. You like Aiba-san, and you like Miura-san now, too. Just like I do. That's so cool. ))) I'm glad that we've met))
hiroshi 03 Dec, 2011
Hi! How are you? We didn't talk for a long time and I somehow miss our conversations. So here I am to change this )))
hiroshi 08 Sep, 2011
Hi)) You like Aiba Hiroki that's why I invite you to join his group here))
mese 27 Jul, 2011
Remélem nem haragszol, mert így ismeretlenül bejelöltelek, de nézegettem a listádat, és van egy pár sori, ami engem is érdekelne. Mivel a névmemóriám, aranyhal szintű bejelöltelek, hogy visszataláljak. :)
tina 27 Jul, 2011
Semmi gond :D Nincs kint az adatlapomon a "Hungary" >.<