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bluelily 25 Dec, 2012
Hallo, wie geht's noch so? ^^
Frohe Weihnachten!
bluelily 21 Jan, 2012
Stimmt, habe ich auch festgestellt, haha ;)
Naja, momentan hänge ich mit allem etwas hinterher, will noch so viel gucken, und die neue Season geht ja auch schon wieder los, aber einfach zu wenig Zeit^^
bluelily 16 Jan, 2012
Naja, ich bin mit meiner Liste auch noch nicht ganz durch, einige Dramas fehlen noch bzw habe ich sie noch nicht gefunden hier...vielleicht kommen ja noch ein paar Prozent zusammen XD
Iris steht bei mir ganz oben in der Rangliste, - mag sein daß man erst mal über die ersten beiden eps hinwegkommen muß, aber ich konnte nachher gar nicht mehr aufhören, das war so verdammt spannend!!

White Christmas sagt mir was vom Titel, hatte mal ne Vorschau davon gesehen und wollte es immer mal schauen...vielleicht nehm ich es dann jetzt mal in Angriff^^
bluelily 15 Jan, 2012
bin noch nicht so lange in dieser Community angemeldet und jetzt beim herumstöbern auf deinem Profil gelandet...60% Compability, bemerkenswert!^^
Viele Grüße!
blackkxstar 11 Jan, 2012
I kind of liked it back then because I was always so caught up in the storyline because I never put anything on hold plus the feeling of completing another drama was nice and sometimes sad (especially if I loved it)
Hmmm now I am just like... it's crap! what's so fun about this? I have a long day at college tomorrow. HELL NO am I wasting my free time on a crap boring drama *DROPPPPED*

I watched SKKS when it first aired and I thought the first episode was good but not OMG! An obsession is begining! but then the 2nd and 3rd and 4th... I felt like time was going by sooo slow. I realised I disliked the drama. I found it boring and nothing really at the time was happening for the main couple. It wasn't until a few weeks ago I think that I finished 5-6 episodes because I was only watching the couple scenes. I loveeeee the couple and some of Yoochuns expressions really get my heart stopping but it was just the rest of the drama. I must be weird right... I don't like Marry Me Marry, Heartstrings, Hana Kimi, Ouran High School Host Club, Wallflower and god every other famous drama everybody bums oh and my princess ;w;

I actually love historical clothing XD!!! It actually made Im Ju Hwan look 5x better LOL!
For CS... I actually really liked the start I remember watching episode after episode but then when she cut her hair and grew up it just went down hill and I started hating the show.

So it's a funny drama? I hope it's the jokes what actually make you laugh and not oh i'm going to pull a stupid retarded face because I know all of my fangirls will love me for it. LOL!
I think I will like it because I love medical dramas (asian or not). Oh so do I but then again it always makes me feel sad for the second guy (I normally hate the second guys especially the obsessed one T_T) I don't mind the main lead being obsessive for a period of time but when the other guy becomes obsessive it's just off putting. Awwh Gloria is amazingggg!!! Like I watched the first 4 episode (1 a day) but oh god when I reached episode 5 I was spend all of my weeks holidays just watching episode after episode (it's a top fave)
AHHHHH! MW.... it's all coming back to me. I know of that I thought it looked really interesting :D

I'm planning to watch Maou and Orthros no Inu (I've just looked the other one up) and WOW! that is going on my list :D It sounds awesome :D
blackkxstar 07 Jan, 2012
Yeah Jdramas arn't really my thing as most of them I find too annoying (not a fan of jcomedy) I do like their dark dramas though :D I've been meaning to watch BM but it's the type of drama where I am like right I'll watch BM..plays episode AHHHH I'll just watch it next year xD. Clone baby looks pretty amazing, Liar Game... I've heard impressive things about that drama but I dislike Erika Toda -.-, Byakuyakou... I really love the setting for that drama (fan of white night) but I just couldn't get into the jdrama (dropped at ep5), MW? what is that? Nanase Futatabi :D someone edited to that drama for a collab not too long ago after seeing her part I really wanted to look the drama up and I'll have to look up rinne no ame :D
blackkxstar 07 Jan, 2012
When I first started watching dramas (Jan 2010) well 2009 (but that was just a one off) I always only watched one and completed it. Even if the drama sucked. I always put up with the crap. Politics... I would sit through hours off. Goong? I never skipped any of that even if I thought the royal talks were a load of bull. I think it's because back then I didn't know where to find good dramas so just watching a drama I did find was good enough (stay away from age of innocence and marrying a millionair) as much as I loveeee Go Soo the dramas were just terrible. Anyway back to what I was talking about which was about skipping I think I will have to skip all of the boring talks unless they intrigue me or if Jang Hyuk is present (eye dribble) Who does he play (Soong Joon Ki)? The kings son? I never really liked him in SKKS but then again I wasn't a big fan of SKKS (excluding the main couples scenes) because yoochuns facial expressions are just priceless <3 I think I may have to put Tree of Deep Roots off for a while >_< PSH mmm ^^ He played the second guy who was blatiently hotter than lee jun ki <3 Hahaha it took me one time but through several pauses XD! Talking about CS... I tried to pick that drama up again and what do we have oh it's on hold again. I really don't know why people praise that drama o.o I was watching a episode and I thought it was nearly finished like 40 minutes in but onluy 20 minutes past D:. The fake britishman really annoyed me (He's actually a french model in real life -.-) ~ you'd think anybody could be models these days (not my type) That rating for the medical drama is pretty impressive plus it stars Seo Ji Suk wahhh I love him ever since Gloria :D He plays the second guy though ;/

I've got some pretty high expectations for Moon embraces the sun but I am hoping it won't be a total failure.
blackkxstar 07 Jan, 2012
The word politic puts me off -.- ~ I do like the storyline though and how it's based around murder ahahaha (I love murder. I'm a thriller/mystery fanatic) Mmm I think i'll have to skip a few parts if I do watch it.
For The Return of Iljimae. I think I watched 4 episodes but I just stopped watching. Iljimae I think I watched about 7 and not even PSH could get me through that and Hong Gil Dong I have heard great things about that drama but ughh the first episode... I think I watched it months ago and I just didn't bother watching anymore. I have Warrior Baek Dong Soo downloaded :D I need to start it though. I keep on stalking DarkSmurfSub and I think the first episode is up to 14 or is it 18%. Tamra the island? YES! OMG YES! I'm not a big fan of Seo Woo because I personally find her annoying and too fake so at first I was pretty scared of watching TTI plus it looked like Dora the explorer visits the island (looked like a 5 years old childrens show) but OMG!! It's not!!! The first 15 minutes of the first episode is soooo cheesy (ugggh William -.-) It's soooo bad that you can't help but look away. The moment Im Ju Hwan comes on the screen all of that turning away is shifted onto him only. I fell for his character so hard! Throughout most of the drama he plays the second guy in the girls heart but well I'm not spoiling anything. BEWARE William's name will be cried out wayyy too many times you'd want to slap the cow! but I do like how it makes Im Ju Hwans character upset and annoyed xD! Watch it :D